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What's in your Facebook Activity Log?

The Facebook Activity log lets you see what you've said, liked, or shared on the social network — and soon it will also contain your search history.


BrandPost McAfee

Will you be more secure if you abandon Internet Explorer?

Switching browsers will protect you from the current Internet Explorer zero-day exploits, but it's not a silver bullet security solution.


BrandPost McAfee

Your PC may come with malware pre-installed

Microsoft researchers have discovered computer systems infected with botnet malware before they're even taken out of the box.


Why locking your mobile device with a fingerprint is a great idea
BrandPost McAfee

Why locking your mobile device with a fingerprint is a great idea

One of the rumors leading into the Apple iPhone 5 event today is that the new smartphone will incorporate fingerprint scanning technology.


BrandPost McAfee

FBI rolling out high-tech 'Big Brother' monitoring system

The FBI's Next Generation Identification (NGI) system is raising concerns among some privacy advocates.


BrandPost McAfee

If you don't really need Java, get rid of it

Oracle patched Java to defend against attacks in the wild, but the patch contains flaws that open Java up to different threats.


BrandPost McAfee

Android users are prime target for malware

A new report finds malware threats are at a four-year high, and mobile platforms in particular are a hot target--especially Android.


BrandPost McAfee

Playing Politics with Cybersecurity

While elected officials argue over cybersecurity legislation, the critical infrastructure of the nation remains vulnerable.


BrandPost McAfee

Do Authentication Questions Really Protect You?

Authentication questions are designed to prove you're really you, but with so much information shared online they can be trivial for attackers to bypass.


BrandPost McAfee

'Project HellFire' Demonstrates Need for Stronger Passwords

Latest attack compromises more than a million records


BrandPost McAfee

Protect Your Dropbox Data with Two-Factor Authentication

Dropbox is stepping up security for its cloud-based data storage service by providing the option of requiring two-factor authentication to log in.


BrandPost McAfee

Beware: Adobe Flash Is Under Siege!

Time to get your guard up. Attackers are targeting both the traditional Adobe Flash application, and the recently pulled Flash for Android mobile app.


BrandPost McAfee

Pirated Android Apps Are Only Part of the Problem

The DOJ has shut down sites accused of distributing pirated Android apps, but there are worse things you can download from third-party app stores.


BrandPost McAfee

What You Should Know About the iPhone SMS Spoof Attack

A flaw in iPhone security could allow spoofed SMS text messages, but there are some tricks you can use to detect and avoid them.


BrandPost McAfee

A Sinister New Breed of Malware is Growing

New threats like Shamoon, Flame, and Stuxnet represent a concerning evolution for malware attacks.


BrandPost McAfee

’Tube Tricks

Save your favorite YouTube videos for offline viewing, build a custom video jukebox, run better searches, and more.


BrandPost McAfee

Add Some Music to Your Memories

How to turn your family photos into a musical slideshow


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