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Wake Me When You Need Me, Says Intel

Intel's Remote Wake lets a computer listen intelligently for a signal to rouse from sleep mode and carry out an activity.


Keep That Laptop in the Bag in the Security Line

The TSA says that you can keep your laptop in a bag as long as it's designed to provide a clear top and bottom image of the computer.


Delta Equips Fleet with Broadband

Delta Airlines will put in-flight broadband on all 330 of its planes, starting later this year.


Judge Rules Sprint Termination Fees Excessive

Early termination fees for cellular contracts will likely change in the wake of a judge's decision, even if her ruling is overturned.


Parents Can Control Kids' T-Mobile Use

T-Mobile becomes the latest carrier to allow parents to set limits on calls, text messages, and downloads for their children.


Sprint Offers Cell Tower in Your Home

Put a Sprint cell tower--a small one--in your home for unlimited fixed rate calls and improved reception.


Obey Browser Certificate Warnings Due to DNS Flaw

If your Web browser throws up a warning about a secure connection you try to make, pay heed, as it might reveal a compromised DNS server.


DNS Dot Bomb: Update Your Nameservers

If you even suspect you have a DNS nameserver running in your company, it's critical you patch it immediately.


Prepare for Access Disaster, Unlike San Francisco

San Francisco almost lost the keys to the kingdom, with an IT system's architect alleged to have locked the system.


Solid State Drives Accelerate into Market

Solid state drives are about to make solid improvements in price, performance, and power usage.


Lenovo Offers Oops Insurance

Smaller businesses may benefit from Lenovo's new package of next-business day warranty repair, accidental laptop damage coverage, and Internet backups.


iPhone 2.0 Brings Enterprise Features

The latest iPhone operating system update makes the device usable in enterprises by adding better networked security options and global configuration profiles.


Would Wi-Fi Push You to Public Transport?

If you could have a continuous Internet connection on your way to work, would it change whether you drove or used public transportation?


Used iPhones, Cheap?

Will the 2G iPhone have a premium on the open market after its 3G big brother ships because it can be jailbroken and unlocked?


Mobile Platforms Loosen Grip

Nokia's purchase of the part of Symbian it didn't already own may signal a change towards openness in mobile platforms, but it's too early to tell precisely what "open" means.


Blu Note: Dell Adds Blu-ray to Sub-$1,000 NoteBook (or Does It?)

The immediate impact of the end of the high-def DVD war is the quick drop in price in getting a Blu-ray drive in a laptop. But under $1,000? Configurator says no.


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