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Microsoft Sends Up Trial Balloons for Windows 7

While Vista takes a beating in the press, Microsoft seems increasingly willing to disclose details of its forthcoming OS.


Microsoft's OOXML Wins ISO Approval

Office 2007's XML-based document formats will soon be published as a formal ISO standard. Now what?


VMware ESX Bug Causes Outage

A bug in the enterprise virtualization software prevents VMware ESX 3.5 U2 customers from starting new virtual machines, beginning today.


IBM Challenges Microsoft for the SMB Desktop

Big Blue says it can offer businesses a lower-cost alternative to Microsoft's office productivity and collaboration software.


Cucku Backup Invites You to Partner Up

So-called social backup software lets you store offsite archives of your data on a friend's PC over the Internet.


Exploit Reveals the Darker Side of Automatic Updates

A new toolkit exploits the automated security update mechanisms of a variety of software packages and uses them to install malicious code.


SourceForge Award Winners Announced

Open source software projects took center stage at a ceremony to honor the best and brightest of free software.


Drizzle Project Plans a Stripped-Down MySQL

A new open source project is develoing a new micro-kernel database based on MySQL, targeted at large-scale Web applications.


Going Mobile with Windows Live Mesh

Microsoft's new, networked file synchronization service can keep your files in order across multiple devices.


WordPress 2.6 Supports Version Tracking, Google Gears

The latest version of the popular blogging software offers new features that make managing and editing posts easy, online and off.


Norton 2009 to Speed Up Malware Screening

Symantec has built more than 300 speed and performance enhancements into its forthcoming security products, now in public beta.


Developers: Firefox 3.1 Update Should Be "Easy"

Yet another version of the open source browser is already in the works, but Mozilla developers say this upgrade won't break existing plug-ins.


IBM Open Sources Web Accessibility

A new service from IBM's AlphaWorks takes a collaborative approach to improving Web accessibility for the visually impaired.


TrueCrypt 6.0 Improves Data Security Performance

The latest version of the free drive-encryption tool can shield sensitive data from prying eyes at home and abroad, now faster than ever.


Microsoft Announces Name, Pricing for Subscription Office

Microsoft Equipt, a new bundling of Microsoft Office and other applications, will debut in July for an annual subscription rate.


Microsoft Aims at Office Interoperability

The Redmond-based giant has released thousands of pages of documentation and new translation tools aimed at better compatibility between office suites.


Oracle Still Top Dog in Tough Database Market

The leading database vendor retained strong market share in 2007, but faces increasing competition from low-cost, open source alternatives.


Microsoft Promises Predictable Schedule for Windows 7

A Microsoft VP says the company has learned from its Vista mistakes. Should we believe him?


Put a Browser in Your Pocket

The portable version of Firefox 3.0 goes where you go, on a USB keychain drive or any other portable media.


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