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Block Google-Yahoo Ad Deal, Advertisers Argue

The Association of National Advertisers opposed the pending deal in a Sunday letter sent to the U.S. Department of Justice.


Zoho Adds Google Docs-like File Management

Better late than never - and the Zoho version offers nice features Google Docs doesn't have.


Quick Fix for Firefox 3 Bug with Yahoo Mail

If you're missing scrollbars in Yahoo Mail, here's how to get them back.


Olympic Gold Medalist Gives Props to Google Earth

Kristin Armstrong, a U.S. Olympic Cyclist, credited Google Earth with helping her to find the ideal training route.


Market Your Home-Based Business With StartupNation Contest

If you run your own company out of your home, an annual contest can provide valuable exposure


Hulu's Streaming Shows Reel in Viewers

The new free TV- and movie-streaming site jumped to eighth place among video sites in July, according to Nielsen.


Online Investing Web Site Picks

The SF Chron has a list of seven good, lesser-known sites for online investing advice and info.


Discover Your Solar Savings at Roofray

If you've been thinking about solar power for your home, a nicely designed new site can show you just how much you'd spend and save for a custom array on your roof.


Write for Cash Tips on Salon.com

On the heels of Google's new write-for-money Knol site, Salon launched its Open Salon for blog-style writings, photos and videos.


Mozilla Wants You to Redesign Firefox

Responding to the Mozilla Labs' call for open-source design ideas won't make you money, but it's a business opportunity all the same.


Typosquatting as Corporate Espionage

A Symantec study found domains that appeared to be registered for e-mail spying.


Protecting Against the Critical DNS Bug: Executive Summary

With technical details officially released, attackers can take over vulnerable networks. Here's what you need to know.


Cloud Computing, Microsoft's Midori, and the End of Windows

CIO's today have their head in the clouds. The good ones, at least.


Web-to-mail Service Gets Around Work Site Bans

A novel free service will send you an e-mail version of a Web page to get around workplace site blocking.


Norton Safe Web Beta Competes with SiteAdvisor

Symantec pulls the curtains from its Web search safety rating tool, but it has some catching up to do


The Death of DRM

As Yahoo says it will shut down the servers that allow transferring its DRM music, Britain considers a move that would green light unfettered music downloads for a yearly tax.


Like Wikipedia but for Cash: Google's Knol

Google today opened the doors to its new Knol, which allows anyone to write articles and earn AdSense revenue on their pages.


Amazon and TiVo to Partner for Impulse-Buy Ads

TiVo owners will see links to buy products shown in commercials and TV shows directly from Amazon.


Have You Fixed Your Company's DNS Servers?

Here's a quick test to see if your company's DNS servers, which guide all Internet traffic, are at risk from a major flaw disclosed last week.


Major Sites Fall Victim to Web Hijack

Here's a check to see if your site might have been invisibly rigged by this latest wave to attack visitors.


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