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Find your own private Internet with Freenet

Find your own private Internet with Freenet

Like BitTorrent with websites, Freenet lets you communicate and share data anonymously with other privacy-conscious folks around the world.


Get your privacy ducks in a row with DuckDuckGo

Get your privacy ducks in a row with DuckDuckGo

If you haven't tried the excellent DuckDuckGo yet, now's the time to take this privacy-conscious search engine for a spin.


Get ready for Facebook Graph Search

Get ready for Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is rolling out a new people search engine. Here’s how it works and how you can prepare.


Diaspora: An Antidote For Your Facebook Privacy Problems

If you’re concerned about the security of your personal data on Facebook, consider trying out an open-source alternative like Diaspora.


Reliable Encryption for the Rest of Us

The useful free TrueCrypt download protects your private information with minimal fuss.


Can You Really Trust Facebook?

The social network's privacy policy has come under scrutiny yet again. Is Facebook doing enough to guard your data?


Poisoned PDFs? Here's Your Antidote

Embedded malware represents a new twist that makes PDF dangers even worse. We’ll show you how to stay safe.


New Threat: Undetectable Facebook Scams

Your hard-earned security smarts may not be enough to identify rogue Facebook apps. But a little patience may help.


Browser Fingerprints: A Big Privacy Threat

A new technique helps advertisers identify you online--without cookies, and with no easy way for you to fight back.


Digital Thieves Dominate Data Breaches

Theft by hacking is now the top cause of companies’ reported data losses, but a few steps can mitigate the damage.


Will Cloud Computing Kill Privacy?

Your private information should remain private regardless of where it might be. But you can’t count on that happening.


Google’s Dashboard Approach to Privacy

Dashboard gathers privacy controls and settings for most Google services onto one page--but only for Google accounts.


Keep Your Passwords Private--and Handy--With LastPass

An online airing of tens of thousands of stolen Webmail passwords suggests that it’s time to find extra protection.


Are Flash Cookies Devouring Your Privacy?

Small Flash files can track your online movements, and they don’t vanish when you delete normal tracking cookies.


Beware of Privacy-Policy Loopholes

Don't assume your personal data is safe just because a site promises you it won't share that information with third parties.


Can Facebook Be Private?

Worried about privacy on Facebook? Here’s how to keep your personal information safe.


Public Greets Massive Data Breach With Collective Yawn

Crooks steal a huge trove of credit card data, but are we too burned out on such news to care?


Extortion Manhunt Highlights Need for Privacy Controls

Threatened exposure of millions of personal records exposes flaws in our current system.


Latest Foxmarks Add-On for Firefox Tackles Password Backups

The most recent version of the popular Foxmarks utility permits you to sync passwords stored on your browser.


Targeted E-Mail Attacks: The Bull’s-Eye Is on You

New, neatly tailored e-mail messages—and their payloads—could be focusing on you.


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