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Windows 8 Features That Will Benefit Businesses

The new OS will be released October 26. Here's how businesses will benefit from upgrading.


5 Great Android Apps for Cloud Admins

Here's a great collection of tools for anyone responsible for administering servers or services in the cloud.


VeriFone to Announce New Mobile Payment Processing System

The company will launch its SAIL program on May 8 and begin signing up customers immediately.


How to Migrate from Windows XP to 7, and from Server 2003 to 2008 R2

With Microsoft ending support for these old operating systems, now’s the time to plan your transition. Here’s what you need to know before you start.


The Pros and Cons of Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI might cost less than buying new PCs to run Windows 7 (or 8), but the biggest savings come from managing a single image for a host of workstations.


Tech That Should Be on Your Company's Radar for 2012

These 10 technologies can help you gain a competitive advantage and serve customers better.


How to Get More Out of Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switches can handle more than simple connectivity. These extra capabilities can make your network faster and more secure--and make users happier.


Most Managers Handle Security on Mobile Devices: Poll

More people are bringing their personal devices to work, which can expose a company to new threats. How are managers protecting their networks? Check out our poll results.


Five Steps to Mobile Device Management and Security

As more employees bring smartphones and tablets to work, managing the devices, securing data, and fighting malware is critical.


Quick Poll: Where Do You Stand on Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices are increasing popular, but can pose a number of risks for a business. Are you taking steps to mitigate the risk, or hoping the issue will go away?


Poll Results: Most Companies Secure Their Wi-Fi

A majority of businesses appear to use some Wi-Fi security, according to results from our recent polls. However, some 40 percent either have no Wi-Fi or want to improve it.


Want Better Wi-Fi? Five Things You Need

Before you buy new networking gear, determine if coverage and speed will be good enough for all the devices on your company's network.


Quick Poll: How Do You Share Wi-Fi Access?

When more than your core staff need to get online, offering access to the company Wi-Fi network drives your need for speed and security.


Virtual Data Centers on the Way? Poll Results

We asked readers how they're using the cloud. Most are using some form of public or private cloud, and many are moving ahead with data center virtualization.


Six Reasons to Use Cloud Services for Small Business

The cloud can have substantial benefits for small and midsize businesses, if used carefully. In addition to saving money, you can get more out of your applications.


Quick Poll: How Does Your Company Use the Cloud?

Turning to cloud services can help your business get more services for less than it would cost to provide in-house. Tell us how you use the cloud.


Seven Reasons to Consider Virtualization

Virtualization has made inroads into many data centers. If your company isn't already using it, here's why it should.


Few Businesses Have Unified Communications: Poll Results

The majority of respondents to our informal survey still lack any form of unified communications.


Five Reasons to Set Up Unified Communications

Unified communications can save money and simplify IT administration while improving employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.


No Telecommuting Policy Leaves IT Vulnerable

Many companies don’t set policies around telecommuting tools--leaving companies vulnerable to lost or stolen data.


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