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Comcast May Now Regret Suing the FCC Over Net Neutrality

Be careful what you ask for. A win in federal court set the stage for the FCC's plan to completely overhaul broadband regulation, opening the door to possible wide-reaching consequences.


Feds Threaten Apple's Control of iPhone and iPad

If Apple is forced to change its developer agreement, will customers suffer? Of course, they will. Who wants generic Flash apps?


Palm and HP: You Be the Analyst

Here are the issues to consider in deciding whether HP is smart or stupid for buying Palm. It's your call, here's how to make it.


HP to Buy Palm, Shake Up the Mobile World

Under HP's ownership, Palm devices could once again hold prominence in the mobile landscape.


HTC Android Deal Could Pay Off for Microsoft, Not Google

Microsoft might soon extract a royalty on every HTC Android smartphone.


How Apple's Secrecy Hurts Business Customers (and Apple Itself)

Apple is a company of secrets, but keeping them hurts its sales to businesses. It's time for Apple to open up, at least about Mac OS X and PC hardware.


Kindle for iPad Could Heat Up E-Book Business

Apple and Amazon seem to be cooperating, which is good news for ebook users. But how long will this marriage of convenience last?


Palm CEO: We Could Have Been Bigger Than Droid

Palm's CEO says had Verizon been selling his company's Pre, the Droid might not have been such a hit. Meanwhile, Palm's death spiral accelerates.


Android Market Push Threatens BlackBerry and iPhone

Predicting the smartphone market is risky, but Android's star is rising while BlackBerry's is setting, Microsoft is in eclipse, and Apple is looking dimmer.


Tech-Savvy Supporters Key to Broadband Plan's Passage

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski needs your help. The digitally literate must help his broadband plan become tomorrow's reality.


Location-based Ads, a Coming Nightmare

Location-based applications are a great idea, but commercializing them may be a challenge. Key will be making them minimally intrusive and maximally useful, lest they become another scourge.


FCC Broadband Speed Tests Should Also Support Enforcement

Now that we can allow the FCC to measure the speed of our Internet connections, perhaps the data can be used to improve and enforce carrier promises.


Why the FCC National Broadband Plan Should Include Public Wi-Fi

Universal Wi-Fi could help reduce loading on cellular data networks, reduce the need for more radio spectrum, and extend broadband to more businesses and homes. It needs to become FCC policy.


Will Verizon 4G Mean the End of "All You Can Eat" Data?

When Verizon Wireless brings its 4G network online, two things may change: Speeds will get faster and you'll pay based on the amount of data you use.


Google Apps Marketplace Brings Cloud Services Together

Users of Google Apps can now purchase add-ons from Google's online store, making Google Apps more interesting to potential business customers.


New Cisco Router Supports 322Tbps, Designed for Internet Video

Cisco's new router for the IP video age could allow every person in China to make an Internet video call--at once.


New Browser Won't Save Amazon's Kindle e-Reader

An Amazon job posting hints at a new Kindle browser. But, it doesn't take a hint to know a browser won't save Amazon's e-reader.


HP Touts Flash as Killer App Against Apple's iPad

Support for Adobe Flash could make HP's Slate a strong challenger to Apple's iPad.


New W3C CEO Is the Web's Top Diplomat

As the new CEO of the World Wide Web Consortium, former Novell CTO Jeff Jaffe has many real and potential conflicts to address.


Verizon LTE: A Wireless Broadband FAQ

With Verizon touting 4G wireless speeds faster that most wired broadband connections, here's what potential customers need to know about LTE.


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