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2 Billion Mobile Devices to Ship in 2016

It probably surprises no one to hear that the world is going mobile, but the sheer size of this market has been difficult to truly fathom. Market analyst firm Jon Peddie Research recently gave this space some more clarity with a...



How the IPv6 Shuffle Will Affect You

Internet pundits have been sounding an alarm cry—literally—for years: We are running out of IP addresses, the basic building blocks of all things Internet. In fact, for the most part, we actually did run out of IP addresses earlier...



What’s New in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0, quaintly known as “Ice Cream Sandwich,” is dropping any day now—probably before mid-December—and both tablet and smartphone fans are salivating for it. Ice Cream Sandwich will at last unify the heavily fragmented...



SSDs vs. Hard Drives: What’s the Big Deal?

If you’ve shopped for a new computer or new hard drive recently, you’re probably aware of considerable buzz about a relatively new class of storage called SSDs. SSD stands for “solid-state drive.” In a nutshell, it’s a hard drive...



The Most Essential Features of Windows 8

If the rumors are correct, Windows 8 will arrive in time for the holidays next year — and when it does we’ll be looking at a whole new way of working with our computers. Some are calling Windows 8 the most revolutionary PC operating...



Understanding HDMI and DisplayPort

Back in the old days – you know, the ’90s – you got one way to connect your computer to a monitor. It was called VGA, and you liked it. Sure, the pins would bend and break off, the little thumbscrews that kept the plug from falling...



USB 3.0: Three Times the Awesome

If you’ve ever connected a media player to your laptop to sync up a few gigabytes of music and movies, only to spend the next eight hours waiting … waiting … waiting for the job to complete, you’re the number one candidate for USB...



Wireless Displays Cut the TV Cable for Good

It’s become a strange but widely accepted practice in living rooms everywhere: Someone has a funny YouTube video or a bunch of family photos on their laptop, so they haul everyone present into an impromptu viewing session, all...



LTE, WiMax, and the Future of Wireless

Cell phone processors and laptop CPUs get faster and faster every year, but there’s one thing that hasn’t kept up: The mobile data network that everything connects to. Change is coming to the world of wireless, but it’s slow....



Intel’s Ivy Bridge: What You Need to Know

"Ivy Bridge." The name sounds harmless, almost inconsequential. But behind the quaint moniker lies power and plenty of it. Ivy Bridge is the code name for Intel's upcoming microprocessor architecture, a new version of the current...



What 3D Means for the Future of Gaming

Hollywood is having a love affair with 3D right now… but 3D isn’t just for movies: Video games are rapidly adopting the technology, too. In fact, consumers seem more excited about 3D gaming than they do about 3D movies. Last year,...



Introducing the Technophile: Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

Are you into technology? I mean, are you really into technology? If you’ve found this blog, you certainly know the ins and outs of your computer, have a speedy Wi-Fi network, and own a latest-generation smart phone or tablet. And...


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