Why Gamers and Critics Love the Alienware 15

Alienware is a veteran in high-end gaming equipment, with its machines often residing on the yearly want list for gamers and best-of-the-year lists from critics. The latest model is a perfect example of what makes these rigs so perennially appealing.

Here’s how the Alienware 15 meets both the growing demands of gamers and discerning taste of critics.

Among other awesome features, gamers love:

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How the Alienware 15 Takes Games to the Next Level

Gamers are more demanding on their machines than the average user. They have high standards for their hardware that can only be met by top-notch components that deliver optimal performance. The tough part is meeting those demands with a high-end laptop that doesn’t break the bank.

While you can tinker with plenty of configurations in the new Alienware 15, you’ll always be able to find a balance of top-tier, gaming-optimized features on a reasonable budget.

The Alienware 15 takes gaming to the next level with:

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