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Malware Using Windows Task Scheduler

Do you even know that Windows has a built-in Task Scheduler? And if you know it, do you ever use it? Personally, I haven't used it in years. But that doesn't mean that the vermin of the Internet don't know about Task Scheduler. They...



There's Nothing Really Wrong with Your Windows Live Account

When an email, apparently from a bank, credit card company, or Internet provider, asks for your personal information, you know there's something phishy going on. When a cyber con-artist goes phishing, he or she sends out email in...



The Future of Malware: We Have Nothing To Look Forward To

You might think that malware threats are scary now, but believe me, they're only going to get worse. You can look forward to, or more likely dread, such wonders as smartphone worms, social attacks, and whales (not the kind that...



The Hackers are Getting Younger

Allow me to scare you with four simple words: Children learning to hack. As Kathy Ishizuka described in this School Library Journal article, this year's Defcon hacker's convention included for the first time a kids’ section, where...


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