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Malware Using Windows Task Scheduler

Do you even know that Windows has a built-in Task Scheduler? And if you know it, do you ever use it? Personally, I haven't used it in years. But that doesn't mean that the vermin of the Internet don't know about Task Scheduler. They...


Your Macabre Curiosity Can Hurt You

Gruesome images of violent death fascinate people, but acting too rashly on that fascination can get you into trouble. It could bring you nightmares. It may force you into awkward explanations should your spouse, children, or...



Malware Keeps Evolving

Malware never sleeps. And it never sits still, either. New and potentially disastrous threats appear on the Internet more frequently than new crops of tomatoes show up at the supermarket. And with good reason. As soon as a new...



There's Nothing Really Wrong with Your Windows Live Account

When an email, apparently from a bank, credit card company, or Internet provider, asks for your personal information, you know there's something phishy going on. When a cyber con-artist goes phishing, he or she sends out email in...



Huge, Multinational Dragnet Takes Down Cyber-Mafia

Sometimes the good guys really do win. On Nov. 8, the FBI, the Estonian police, and Trend Micro brought down what may be the largest shark yet caught in the criminal waters of the Internet. In a sting code-named “Operation Ghost...



The Future of Malware: We Have Nothing To Look Forward To

You might think that malware threats are scary now, but believe me, they're only going to get worse. You can look forward to, or more likely dread, such wonders as smartphone worms, social attacks, and whales (not the kind that...



Thailand Prime Minister's Twitter Hacked

People know you through your Twitter account. That's how you express your opinions, your thoughts, and your concerns. And if you have a business, you promote it through your tweets. So the last thing you want is someone else...



Be Wary of iPhone Announcements

Spammers will tell you anything to get you to click a link or open a file. They'll even tell you all about that new iPhone that Apple hasn't even announced. In early October, they took advantage of all the iPhone chatter in a...



Google Wallet Likely Hacker Target

First rule of our digital age: If there's a popular way to exchange money over the Internet, someone will figure out a way to use it for less-than-honest purposes. And so, with that in mind, we come to Google Wallet. As you might...



The Hackers are Getting Younger

Allow me to scare you with four simple words: Children learning to hack. As Kathy Ishizuka described in this School Library Journal article, this year's Defcon hacker's convention included for the first time a kids’ section, where...



Opera Malware Hits the Wrong Note

Be careful what you download; it might not be what you expected. Like all browsers and—in fact, pretty much all programs—Opera Mini needs to be updated from time to time. But just because a website promises to update your copy of...



Your Phone Can Be Infected By a Barcode

It's amazing how many ways malware can enter your computer or phone. The people who create and distribute these dreadful little programs are like ants; you block one entryway into your kitchen and they figure out another one. And...



Are Secure Web Sites Truly Secure?

You need to access your bank account online, so you visit the banks' website. But before you enter your name and password, you glance at the top of your browser window. The green color, the padlock icon, and the URL beginning with...



It's Shockingly Easy to Hack a Phone

When a celebrity's phone gets hacked, we all hear about it, especially when there are nude photos involved. But most phone hackings never go viral. And there are more of them than ever before. "Just from January to June, the...



A Stolen Laptop Can Cost You More Than the Price of the Hardware

The best thing about your laptop: You can easily pick it up and carry it away. The worst thing: So can someone else. "Laptop theft is regarded as the most common crime on the University of Manitoba campus," reads an article in The...



New Way to Infect a Web Site: Just Buy Advertising

Cybercriminals don't have to hijack a website in order to infect the computers of people visiting it. All they have to do is buy advertising. According to an article by Lucian Constantin in The Inquirer, people with little regard...



Security Group Urges Better Protection at App Stores

How safe is your smartphone from malicious attack? Not safe enough. And that's not entirely your fault. Via gateways such as the iPhone's App Store and the Android Market, the companies that control our smartphone operating systems...



Sexual Predators, Your Children, and the Internet

Pedophiles existed before the Internet, and the vast majority of people who contact your children over the Internet are not pedophiles. But the danger is real. Sexual predators use the Internet to find their young prey, then lure...



Sexting Could Mar the Rest of Your Teenager's Life

We need to protect teenagers from adult sexual predators, and we need to protect them from bullies. But we must also protect them from themselves. This opinion piece by Nina Funnell, from the Sydney Morning Herald, tells of two...



Russian Hackers Steal Millions from US Citizens

There's a good reason for all that malware and illegal activity on the Internet: It's extremely profitable. Over the first six months of 2011, a Russia-based gang of technically adept gangsters successfully stole over $3 million...


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