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Gadgets That Solve Everyday Problems

Charge several devices at once, share your tunes anywhere, watch pets do unusual things, and read a special message from Steve Bass.


Practical Web Sites and Services

Need to look up an adjectival phrase or find out how many miles are in a furlong? How about the cheapest shipping rates? Knock yourself out.


A Video Enhancement Tool That Will Amaze You

Take a peek into the future of video editing, and get some practical photo tips you can use right now--plus the usual time wasters.


End Office and Windows Annoyances

Deal with e-mail hassles, Office file-format woes, and lost passwords--and see what happens when a wolf wants to play.


Have Movies on Your PC? Watch Them on TV

Here's how to beam movies from your PC to your TV with the fabulous MediaGate 450HD, plus Name That Robot.


Chrome? I Want To Love Ya

Steve Bass takes a look at Chrome, Google's new browser--and maybe Windows killer. Plus the week's really weird time wasters.


Dual Monitors, the Only Way to Go

Using two monitors can make your computing day much easier--Steve Bass tells you how to set them up.


Smart Fixes for Your Printing, E-Mail, and Audio Hassles

Save on costly printer ink, handle leftover Registry junk, and defeat a common Outlook annoyance. Plus: two cool volume-control tools.


Heads Up: Trojans and Viruses Are Out to Get You

Watch out for nasty Trojan horses--plus Steve Bass looks at free security tools, Microsoft tech support numbers, and goofy Olympic photos.


Who's Responsible for Outrageous Gas Prices?

Steve Bass looks into causes for the ongoing gas crisis and considers some gas-saving tips, plus a behind-the-scenes look at typefaces.


Eliminate Hassles With Antivirus, Flash, Task Manager, and iTunes

Get the lead out of AVG, fix the Windows Task Manager toolbar, and dump duplicate files.


Microsoft Is Giving Up on Windows

Steve Bass learns that Microsoft has had it with Windows. Plus three free tools and lots of time wasters.


When Is Vista not Vista? When It's Mojave!

Microsoft resorts to subterfuge to get people to try Windows Vista, as Steve Bass recently found. Plus, tips for Outlook and Windows passwords.


Assurz Folds--Are Customers Stuck?

A company offering a "satisfaction guarantee" for major online retailers is going bankrupt; Steve Bass has details on what to do.


Printer Ink: How Do You Define 'Empty'?

Steve Bass finds 20 percent of the ink he paid for left in supposedly empty cartridges, but Brother has a logical (if not legal) explanation.


On the Road--Fuel Cost Calculators, Phone Headsets

It's summer and Steve Bass has travel on his mind: gasoline stats, California's cell phone law, and sleazy marketing tactics.


Build a PC, Juice Up Your Laptop

Want to build your own PC? Steve Bass has some ideas for you. Plus, how to upgrade your old laptop or buy a new one.


Handy Gadgets--a Tiny Tripod and a Portable Speaker Case

The super handy Gorillapod goes anywhere, and the iMainGo speaker case lets you blast your tunes in any location. Plus, the latest in weird bicycles.


Ten Tools to Make Windows Shine

Add a layer of protection against spyware, stop Kaspersky's annoying audio alerts, and hide your files and folders. Plus: More fixes for the pesky Insert key.


Smart Sites and Terrific Downloads

Share huge files, explore the universe, eject USB devices fast, and watch a hilarious video parody of video games and prostitution.


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