Black Friday 2020 USA

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$100 off new MacBook Pro
Students can save up to $100 on the new MacBook Pro 13" with our special Apple Education pricing
Shop at Best Buy for Apple Watches
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50% off sitewide - GoPro promo code
Get up to 50% off your next purchase when you become a GoPro VIP. Enjoy special pricing and access to the action cameras, including HERO9.
15% off sitewide - edX coupon code
$25 off - RentalCars promo code
Get your next rental car from RentalCars with this $25 off coupon code. Save when you spend $175+ on your next booking.

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- 40%
40% off GoPro HERO7
$50 off - Norton promo code
Save $50 on your next purchase of Norton Antivirus Plus for Macs.
25% off first year LifeLock Unlimited Plus
$50 off PCs - Dell coupon
Take up to $50 off when you apply this Dell coupon code on your next purchase of 2-in-1 PCs.
Up to 75% off - promo
Shop during the Bodybuilding BOGO Event to get up to 75% off your purchase. Some items are even free!
$399.99 for Supersonic Hair Dryer - Dyson
20% off - TUMI coupon code
Get 20% off full-priced items when you apply this TUMI promo code.
45% off CityPASS promotion
Purchase a Museum of Science pass for your next trip to Boston and save up to 45%.
50% off - Timex promotion
Get 50% off Timex best selling watches today!
30% off - AliExpress offer
Save 30% on 4K HD drones at AliExpress

Special Prices

30% off everything - Samsung military discount code
$100 off GoPro action cameras with trade-in
10% off store purchases - KiwiCo promo code

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  • Dyson

    $199 Dyson Big Ball Multi-Floor vacuum promo

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Black Friday coupon codes for October 28, 2020

Black Friday vouchers, coupons, & sales Code Expires
Avast coupon - 60% off Avast Internet Security for 5 devices ***** Dec 31
AVG coupon - Save 20% on AVG TuneUp ***** Dec 31
Save 20% on the AVG Ultimate ***** Dec 31
Receive a $5 referral bonus with Acorns ***** Dec 31
$199 Dyson Big Ball Multi-Floor vacuum promo ***** Dec 31
Earn As You Shop w/ Found Money Chrome Extension ***** Dec 31
15% off Razer Accessories for Corporate Partners ***** Dec 31
Verified coupons - last updated:   Oct 21

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season. Big brands run their biggest sales and cut-price bargains on Black Friday. It’s a great time to buy big-ticket items like computers and gifts for Christmas. If you have coupon codes from PCWorld, you can score major discounts on shopping.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving – the fourth Thursday in November. This year, it will be held on November 27, 2020. Because Black Friday is such a big offers now, the sales often extend for several days.

Can I get Black Friday discounts online?

Start off the holiday shopping season on the right foot while enjoying that scrumptious turkey leg at home. Browse through many Black Friday deals online as early as right now and get a general idea of how much bargains and discounts you can get come the actual Black Friday day. To get fantastic online deals from your favorite shops and brands, keep your eyes peeled for Black Friday ads that can give you a heads up on what to buy and how much you can save during the biggest shopping event of the year.

Are all Black Friday deals applicable to brand's online stores?

As online shopping proves to be unstoppable, retailers just cannot ignore the high volume of online shoppers come Black Friday, or even on days leading to it. Many brands offer site-wide discounts over multiple product categories and even offer free shipping. The biggest retailers’ deals and doorbusters are most of the time, available in-store and online, too, from gadgets to home and kitchen, clothing, etc. What’s even better is that you can compare prices from different shops to get the best value for your money. Sign up to your favorite brand or shop’s email alerts to know when to get the best deal or follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Make sure to bookmark PCWorld Coupons so you can easily access your favorite pages.

When do Black Friday ads normally come out?

People who take their Black Friday shopping seriously just can’t wait for their favorite brand or retailer ads to come out and scope out the deals they want. Black Friday for 2020 is on November 27, so expect to see some ads come out as early as Nov 1 through two weeks before Black Friday, some shops even release ads the day before the Black Friday event. So it’s quite thrilling until the last second. Some retailers release ads around the same time, year after year, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be something that might still surprise the patient and nifty shopper.

Are Black Friday discounts available only on Friday?

Years past, Black Friday Sale consisted of waking up dreadfully early to line up outside of your favorite store to be one of the first ones in the door. Well, back then, Black Friday was a one-day-only sale where you can get deep, deep discounts on big-ticket items, including TVs, laptops, desktops, and other electronics. But over the recent years, there is less pressure to do a stakeout and more time to navigate deal-hunting among the big-name retailers, either in-store or online. Keep in mind that Black Friday deals begin showing up earlier or on the beginning of the week of Thanksgiving. Taking advantage of this longer Black Friday shopping event means more savings for you come to the gift-giving season and you can shop at multiple stores easily online.

Is it safe to shop online during Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales?

Online shopping security has seen leaps and bounds in ensuring your personal information is safe and secure while purchasing over the internet. Still, you should always observe safe shopping practices so you can enjoy the speed and convenience of online shopping without compromising your safety. This coming shopping season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, keep these tips in mind: Shop on trustworthy shopping websites, look for “https” in your address bar as most of the time, that site will provide you buyer protection. Finally, it pays to have an awesome, unique for each site, hard-to-crack password. Happy online shopping!

What type of traffic or speed should I expect when I am shopping online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Expect an onslaught of internet traffic jams as consumers hit online stores more and more each year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales event. Although crashes, delays or buffering cannot be avoided during these times, Black Friday deals and discounts, for instance, stretches for many days before the actual Black Friday day. With some due diligence, you can definitely still snag a good bargain even days before. So bury those heads in Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads, compare prices, sign up to newsletters and follow your brand’s Facebook or Twitter account so you won’t be missing out.

Are Black Friday sales better than Cyber Monday sales?

There used to be a difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On a Black Friday sale, you go get that bargain in a physical store. You shop online on the following Monday because rumor had it then that the office has faster internet than at home. Nowadays, Black Friday has become an online event on its own, like Cyber Monday. So, really, it depends on what you are looking to buy. A good rule of thumb is big-ticket items such as TVs, game consoles, laptops are Black Friday winners and smaller, niche area electronics, gadgets, and gifts are good deals on Cyber Monday. Look through Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads and compare!

Can I use promo codes on top of Black Friday discount promos? 

Promo and discount codes can give you huge savings on your purchases this coming Black Friday sale.  If you’re lucky, some retailers add an additional percentage off on already discounted Black Friday prices if you use a coupon. Typically, you may apply one (1) promo code at a time so check the fine print on checkout. But, there are other awesome ways to save on Black Friday! Many stores offer cashbacks, rewards, mail-in rebates, sitewide discounts, and bonus offers with your purchases. Take advantage of these all and get as much traction as you can get from your money.

Can I still find Black Friday promotions on brands outside the US?

Don’t miss out on the action on Black Friday even if you’re living outside of the US Borders. Major retailers offer international shipping to your country and will even give you options on shipment prices according to your shipping method, and will estimate import duties and taxes for you as well. International shipping not offered? There are plenty of third party shipping services that can even consolidate your purchases from different merchants and pack them into one neat package. So, explore these options prior to the “Biggest Sale Event of the Year” and don’t let invisible borders stop you from shopping your best life and enjoying these bargains.

How do I find out when a store's Black Friday sale will start?

Although Thanksgiving’s, and subsequently, Black Friday’s dates change every year, you can be sure that the buzz surrounding this MAJOR sale event will only get stronger even before the green leaves of summer turn yellow. Get all your Black Friday sale buzz in the comfort of your mobile phone when you sign up for your favorite store’s email alerts, newsletters, and their app. Get in on the fun through social media, too: Follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you won’t miss out on Black Friday Sale announcements ever again!

Can I get Black Friday discounts on items other than electronics and clothing?

Although electronics, gadgets, and apparel get a chunk of the sales during Black Friday, discounts and bargains run the gamut on big or small items, too! Think household appliances, home goods like bed sheet sets throws, cutlery sets. Toys are also bestsellers, grills for your weekend barbecues with friends and why not patio furniture, as well? There are many kitchen appliances to choose from like air fryers, mixers, high-speed blenders, some luggage sets, and the list goes on and on. Ready your shopping list and expect it to be longer than just your phones and sweaters.

Can I use store credit or layaway plans to take advantage of Black Friday discounts?

Retailers nowadays cater to customers from many walks of life and offer payment options such as layaway plans, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Using your store credit card can save you even more on your purchases with additional discounts and some stores even offer payment schemes like a 12 months-no interest on your credit card. Check this out, the Layaway system is making a comeback for some of the big stores during the holiday season and some shops even offer “no fees” added when paid in full. Flexible options for anyone. Make sure to head on over to the store of your choice before Black Friday and inquire on their layaway service, if any. Most of the time, not all stores and categories will be available for layaways, so it’s good to always check beforehand.

Are Black Friday deals any different from Cyber Monday deals?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale sure brings all the shopping savvies to the fore. Many argue that what is sometimes offered during Black Friday won’t be on Cyber Monday. Some believe that the deals during these two events are not much different from each other. Here are some points to ponder on: Black Friday is geared more on going to the physical store i.e. doorbuster deals for big TVs, game consoles and other big-ticket items, whereas Cyber Monday are all about online deals on gadgets and electronics. For any prepared shopper warrior, do your research well and don’t let the great deal slip through your hands.