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Today's 38 DJI discount codes | 40% off

If you are thinking of buying drones, check out what the DJI online store has to offer in terms of aerial photography. DJI drones gimbals accessories and more are pretty popular... [More details]

  • DJI discount: 40% off refurbished drones and gimbals

    Get DJI products for less and save as much as 40% when you get certified... More details
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  • 10% DJI coupon code for educators and researchers

    Qualified educators and researchers who can verify their status through ... More details
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  • Subscribe and receive a 5% DJI coupon code

    Subscribe with your email address at and earn a 5% savings coupo... More details
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  • $15 off Tello Boost Combo at DJI sale

    Score a $15 savings when you purchase the Tello Boost Combo, which inclu... More details
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  • $78 of FPV combo at DJI sale

    Unlock up to $78 in savings when you purchase any FPV combos. Get huge d... More details
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  • DJI sale: 50% off with Select membership

    Sign up for DJI Select membership to enjoy more perks such as 50% off Ca... More details
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  • Earn 1% credit with DJI discounts

    Earn 1% off your total purchase value in DJI credit. Shop more to earn m... More details
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  • Care Refresh service plans from $31 with DJI discounts

    Save on repair cost and have less worry when your drones, action cameras... More details
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  • Ronin series from $439 with DJI discounts

    Create unique professional quality photo and video content using your DS... More details
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  • 50% off Care Refresh service with DJI discount

    Sign up for DJI Select membership for $49 a year and get to save 50% on ... More details
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  • Spend $159+ and get DJI free shipping

    The perfect time to start learning to fly your own drone is now. Order f... More details
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  • 25% off at DJI sale

    Score as much as 25% off on select items with no DJI coupon code needed.... More details
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  • DJI promotion: Earn credits with Trade-in offer

    Make use of your old gadgets such as tablets, cellphones, drones, and mo... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Manifold 2 at $1260

    Do more with your drones and maximize their capabilities with the Manifo... More details
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  • CrystalSky at $499 + DJI free shipping

    Be able to see what your drone captures even under bright light with the... More details
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  • Osmo Action camera at $369 with DJI discounts

    Capture all your adventures on land, sea, and air with the small yet dur... More details
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  • DJI free shipping available on the RoboMaster S1

    Make learning more fun with the RoboMaster S1 educational robot. Spark y... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Phantom series accessories at $13+

    Enhance your Phantom series drones performance using compatible accessor... More details
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  • Mini drones from $99 at DJI discounts

    Find the right drone for you for as low as $99. Shop for mini drones for... More details
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  • Mavic Air 2 at $799 with DJI discounts

    The Mavic Air 2 is your perfect selfie drone camera. It lets you capture... More details
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  • 10% DJI Student Discount

    Get 10% Student Discount at DJI. Save 10% off on drones and drone equipm... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Mavic Mini flycam at $399

    Capture photos in a new perspective with the ultra-portable and easy to ... More details
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  • Zenmuse X5S at $2049 + DJI free shipping

    Create professional-quality content with the Zenmuse X5S gimbal camera t... More details
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  • DJI free shipping available for the Inspire 2

    The Inspire 2 professional drone offers an HD video transmission system,... More details
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  • Osmo Pocket accessories at $4+ with DJI discounts

    Do more with your Osmo Pocket with these accessories to enhance your dev... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Inspire 2 handheld grips at $139

    Turn your Inspire 2 drone to a handheld film camera when you attach thes... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Flight controllers at $105+

    Have more control when you pilot your drones with the latest flight cont... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Osmo Mobile 3 at $119

    Take better selfies, record videos, and more with your smartphones when ... More details
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  • Get a $10 DJI credit by referring a friend

    Join the referral program and invite your friends by sending them a $10 ... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Robomaster accessories at $49+

    Get all the accessories you need to keep your Robomaster running smoothl... More details
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  • Mavic 2 Pro at $1599 + DJI free shipping

    Take impressive shots from various angles and perspectives using the por... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Zenmuse X7 at $2899 + free shipping

    Take aerial photography to the next level with the Zenmuse X7. It offers... More details
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  • Goggles at $349 with DJI discounts

    Be able to see the world in a different view with the DJI Goggles. Conne... More details
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  • DJI promotion: Spark accessories at $6+

    Enhance and protect your Spark drone with the compatible accessories tha... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Aerial gimbals & accessories from $11

    Shop from a wide range of aerial gimbals, cameras, and accessories for l... More details
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  • Download apps for free with DJI promotions

    Have access to various DJI apps that you can download for free. Do more ... More details
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  • DJI discounts: Smart Controller at $749

    Maximize your drone pilot experience with your Mavic 2 using the Smart C... More details
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  • Best DJI promo for members: 20% off accessories

    Be a DJI Select member and get 20% off on accessory orders. Pay only $49... More details
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DJI coupon codes for September 16, 2020

DJI vouchers, coupons, & sales Code Expires
DJI discount: 40% off refurbished drones and gimbals ***** Dec 31
50% off Care Refresh service with DJI discount ***** Dec 31
DJI sale: 50% off with Select membership ***** Dec 31
$78 of FPV combo at DJI sale ***** Dec 31
$15 off Tello Boost Combo at DJI sale ***** Dec 31
Care Refresh service plans from $31 with DJI discounts ***** Dec 31
Ronin series from $439 with DJI discounts ***** Dec 31
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Do I get DJI coupon codes on my birthday?

Yes, when you sign up at DJI, you can get a coupon from them. This DJI coupon code will be sent to your account within 24 hours of your birthday. This DJI birthday coupon is valid for 14 days. Other people or accounts cannot redeem this coupon at DJI.

Is there a DJI student discount?

Yes, DJI is committed to learning and gives benefits to students. Apply for a DJI educational discount or a DJI student discount and get 10% off. This is applicable to students, teachers, and educators, and to academic researchers.

Are there annual sales events at DJI?

Yes, usually there are two majoyr sale events every year at DJI. The first sale event is in the Spring and usually in April. The second sale event happens during Black Friday week. The DJI sale events lasts around 7 days or while supplies last. This is the perfect time to shop because DJI offers some of the lowest prices on some of the best of drones in th market. Sometimes, they will also release a a DJI promo code for up to 20% off all DJI drones or around 20% off on select drone lines.

Helpful information about DJI and savings tips

What is DJI short for?

DJI is short for the Chinese ‘Da-Jiang Innovations’ which itself comes from a Chinese phrase that roughly means 'Great Ambition has no Boundaries'. DJI is a drone specialist that stocks products like the Mavic 2 Zoom DJI which can be enhanced by using Zoom DJI Goggles. For a better shopping experience at DJI, browse PCWorld for a DJI coupon code to save money on your drone purchases.

What is DJI known for?

Capture new horizons with DJI. DJI is a technology company recognized for its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which are also commonly known as drones. Drones are used for aerial photography and videography. DJI drones include the foldable Mavic Series, the portable Spark Series, and the pro-level Phantom Series. The brand dominates the industry with its pro-equipment and accessories with items such as Integrated Systems, Gimbal Cameras, and Camera Stabilizers. DJI is just what you need to capture amazing shots for films and events. Save on your online orders and experience new innovations with DJI coupons from PCWorld.

What is DJI's shipping policy?

Shipping is free for orders over $89. You do not need a DJI coupon code to activate this service. To explore other offers, such as hand-picked savings from the DJI sale, or year-round offers such as the DJI student discount, be sure to browse PCWorld today.

Set high standards with a DJI coupon

If you want quality images and videos with DJI drones without breaking the bank, use your DJI coupon code. You can also keep your eyes out for a DJI sale.

Keep flying by staying inspired with a DJI coupon code 

Watch dozens of videos at shot by pros and hobbyists using DJI. Conceptualize, learn from their technique, or simply just enjoy the masterpiece they created.

Shop DJI sale, great for professionals

DJI mostly caters towards professionals or semi-pros who are in the film or events industry. With game-changer drones, DJI is definitely a pro’s favorite. Save on items suited for experts with DJI promo codes from PCWorld on DJI phantom 4, phantom 3 and more.

Mini drones at DJI

Mini drones are a good start for pros learning how to fly drones and curious hobbyists. DJI’s mini-drone cameras are portable and can be used during travels, for selfies, etc.

Fly with care and safety with DJI’s service plans

Get the best DJI offers with DJI’s service plan. Their DJI Care covers accidental damages to the product. While DJI Care Refresh gives customers a comprehensive warranty for their product.

Other online stores officially selling DJI

You can buy DJI online via the DJI store, Amazon, Newegg DJI, eBay, and AliExpress. Save on your orders when you use your DJI coupon whenever you buy a DJI equipment or accessories online.

What can you use a DJI coupon code on?

If you want to get USD 100 off DJI Mavic, you might want to use a coupon code at the checkout page. A DJI coupon, DJI promo code or DJI discount code can help you save big on various DJI products, such as DJI goggles or a DJI drone. Some of the most popular drones gimbals and more today are the DJI Mavic 2 Pro DJI Select, DJI Spark and Fly More Combo, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and Phantom 4 Pro v2.0.

How can you save with a DJI coupon?

At a DJI sale, instant savings abound. Aside from great sales offers, you can also get free shipping with orders over USD 89. You will also get a DJI Care Refresh warranty with each purchase. As a member, you can also earn points that can be used as DJI credit.

What other DJI discounts are there?

Students, educators and academic researchers all have a special student discount and research discount on DJI developer platform products. Academic researchers and academic research staff are also qualified for the DJI educational discount program, where you can get an educational discount just by supplying an educational email address. The products on the DJI educational discount program will help you save money with ease. Please send the necessary details with your valid educational email address and respond after you receive a verification email. This will activate your DJI account and get you the necessary DJI coupon codes.