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Verified coupons - last updated: May 23, 2022

LifeLock is a service that offers protection for your digital life and keeps your personal information safe from hackers by monitoring all of your transactions. LifeLock monitors your credit file activity, personal information on the Dark Web, and unauthorized USPS address changes. Their award-winning antivirus and security software covers PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. You can save money on a LifeLock protection package by using a LifeLock discount code from PCWorld. If the worst does happen, LifeLock will pay compensation, reimburse LifeLock members for lost funds, and fund a lawyer and other experts. Get LifeLock and save with LifeLock promo codes from PCWorld. You can gain access to SSN and credit alerts. LifeLock promo codes can also save you on bank and credit card activity alerts and alerts on crimes in your name. LifeLock coupons can save you money on annual 3-bureau credit reports and credit scores. With a LifeLock coupon code from PCWorld, you can save on 401(k) and investment activity alerts. Sign up with your LifeLock membership by starting to answer a few questions. [More details ]

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LifeLock promo code - save 25% with this tax season special on LifeLock by Norton

The best offense is a good defense - help protect yourself this tax season and save 25% on LifeLock. Save on credit reporting, repair, identity theft & more.
Discount 25% off Conditions Restrictions may apply
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31% off Ultimate Plus with LifeLock promo code + free social media monitoring

It's never too late to get started and protect your online identity. Redeem a 31% discount on LifeLock Ultimate Plus, which now includes social media monitoring for no additional charge.
Discount 31% off Conditions Restrictions may apply
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Up to 60% off 360 with LifeLock Advantage - LifeLock promo code

Get up to 60% off Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage annual subscription using this LifeLock coupon.
Discount Up to 60% off
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Save 31% on membership using this LifeLock promo code

Sign up for membership and instantly save up to 31% using this LifeLock discount code. Enjoy savings on Standard, Advantage, or Ultimate plans.
Discount 31% off
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Get up to $106 off first Individual Plan subscription with LifeLock promo code

Sign up for an individual plan to protect yourself from identity theft, hackers, viruses, and malicious software. Enjoy $106 off your first year by redeeming this LifeLock coupon at the checkout.
Discount $106 off first yr Individual Plan Members info New customer
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Up to $328 off family plan with kids - LifeLock promo code

Protect your family identity from malicious software, hackers, and viruses with a family plan that includes coverage for up to 5 kids. Join now to score up to $328 off your first year using this LifeLock coupon.
Discount $328 off first year Family Plan with kids Members info New customer
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Up to 66% off your first subscription with LifeLock coupon

Protect yourself from identity theft and secure your investments with LifeLock. Sign up for an identity protection plan that includes credit monitoring, alerts, and more. Apply this active LifeLock coupon to get as much as 66% off your order.
Discount Up to 66% off new subscription Members info New customer
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Up to 53% Memorial Day savings on select LifeLock plans

Get the best online identity theft protection for up to 53% off with no LifeLock promo code. Save on monthly or annual individual and family plans when you register today.
Discount Up to 53% off
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Standard plan: 28% off your first year with Lifelock coupon

Sign up for a Standard plan and get 28% off your first-year subscription using this LifeLock promo code.
Discount 28% off
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$100 off Ultimate Plus annual plan with Lifelock promo code

Unlock $100 off the Ultimate Plus annual subscription with social media monitoring by redeeming this Lifelock coupon code at the checkout.
Discount $100 off
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Get up to 25% off Advantage plan for individuals - LifeLock promo code

Use this Lifelock coupon code to get up to 25% off the Advantage plan for individuals. It provides online security protection, including alerts for social security numbers, identities, and crimes in your name.
Discount 25% off coupon
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Up to 25% off your first year with LifeLock coupon

Join LifeLock and get 25% off your first-year identity security subscription for you and your family.
Discount 25% off Members info New customer
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Norton 360 with LifeLock: Up to 33% off monthly subscription

Discount Up to 33% off monthly plan
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Get inexpensive identity theft protection - shop with a LifeLock coupon

Learn about identity theft protection from LifeLock for free with this free blog post. Determine if you are an easy target for thieves and to protect your accounts.
Discount Free information Conditions Restrictions may apply
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Learn how to dispute a credit report error with LifeLock support

If you had a error on your credit report, you can learn how to dispute it for free in just 5 easy steps with the help of LifeLock. LifeLock can help you with multiple types identity theft protections.
Discount Free information Conditions Restrictions may apply
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Download LifeLock with Norton 360 through the App Store

A free download of LifeLock with Norton 360 will help protect you when your on the go. Alerts can be sent right to iPhone about suspiscious activity and you can respond right away and get help with just one tap of the screen.
Discount Free download Conditions Restrictions may apply
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Learn how to order a free credit report with the help of LifeLock

LifeLock will teach you the proper way to order a free credit report. There are a few ways you can order a free credit report and LifeLock is here to help you.
Discount Free information Conditions Restrictions may apply
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Free identity theft risk calculator at LifeLock

LifeLock is offering a free online risk calculator to see your risk of identity theft. See where you stand by getting started for free today.
Discount Free risk calculator Conditions Restrictions may apply
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The LifeLock app is available for free download in Google Play

Download the free app for LifeLock on Google Play. This is app is perfect for your Android device whether it is a phone or tablet. Access your account at any time with this app.
Discount Free app Conditions Restrictions may apply
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Leave it to LifeLock to handle a lost Social Security card

Get expert help from LifeLock for free if you lose your Social Security card. A free blog post will tell you what steps to take on getting a new card and who to talk to.
Discount Free advice Conditions Restrictions may apply
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Get comprehensive identity protection for less with a LifeLock promo code

LifeLock and Norton and joined forces to bring you the most comprehensive, technologically advanced security solutions at amazing discounts. This also means the award winning Norton 360 packages come complete with enhanced features for identity theft protection, credit monitoring, and stolen fund reimbursement. Your privacy is truly priceless - protect your devices with Norton 360 Select at Norton and save up to $328 on your subscription with a LifeLock promo code. LifeLock offers USPS address change verification, identity restoration, comprehensive identity theft protection, identity theft protection services, and coverage for lawyers and experts. Additionally, LifeLock can assess your creditworthiness and monitor all transactions while providing protection for your cyber security online. If your interested in learning more about Norton with LifeLock, we encourage you to check out our Norton with LifeLock promo codes, visit our Norton coupon code page. You can also read our detailed review of their newly launched 360 Deluxe plan. 

Don’t overspend protecting yourself online with LifeLock promo code

LifeLock’s award-winning software protects your cyber security and can detect a wide range of advanced identity threats. Shop cost effective packages and get protection for your credit card, credit monitoring, credit reports, and your credit score online (provided are VantageScore and VantageScore 3.0 credit scores) using LifeLock promo codes. LifeLock is now offering a variety of promo codes, plus only pay for what your family and business needs by customizing the number of devices and coverage. With the top verified LifeLock promo codes and free trials, it’s now more cost effective than ever to invest in your security - before you’re on the defense of a cyberattack.

Get peace of mind + a LifeLock discount

LifeLock is on a mission to bring affordable, advanced identity theft protection and support to all. Every year, millions of people fall victim to a stolen identity and leaked data - approximately once every 3 seconds - and some aren’t even aware of it. LifeLock is committed to saving you the time, money, and stress of sorting through the mess to clear your name. With 15% off Select, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus plans for Norton 360 with LifeLock, you can ease your mind and get up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursements. LifeLock offers an exceptional support network with Social Security Number alerts, Credit Monitoring, security and VPNs for your devices, credit file/Payday Loan locks, Phone Takeover Monitoring, Home Title Monitoring, 401(K) & Investment activity alerts, and Alerts on Crimes in your name. Shop huge discounts on plans from only $8.29/mo your first year.

Privacy & protection with LifeLock coupons

With integrity and privacy at its core, LifeLock does not monitor your activities online. LifeLock's protection packages are virtually risk-free, as they offer trial periods. 

Get LifeLock Membership with with LifeLock promo code

Use LifeLock coupon codes to get the best protection for yourself online. LifeLock coupons can significantly cut down the cost of online protection, but terms apply. Take note that parties use many different types of protection, but LifeLock is one of the best.

Cyber Monday Promotions for LifeLock Services

Take advantage of LifeLock discounts even before Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday come around. Browse our verified LifeLock offers and coupons from PCWorld and save at checkout. While you're at it, take advantage of LifeLock's free advice on how to get identity protection during peak online shopping periods over Cyber Monday and January.

Additional Services Provided by LifeLock

LifeLock provides an online risk calculator. Use it to see if your identity is at risk from cybercriminals. Questions include how often you change your passwords and whether you share personal information online. LifeLock also provides a service to businesses. This can be used to get protection for employees, customers, and to protect against data breaches.

LifeLock March promo codes 2022

LifeLock usually dedicates the entire month of December to deals, however, these special offers are are continuing through 2022 for a limited time. Save up to 30% on their most popular items, and check PCWorld as LifeLock continues to rotate and refresh promotions. 

Other Disclaimers

The credit scores provided are VantageScore 3.0 credit scores based on data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion respectively. Any one bureau VantageScore mentioned is based on Equifax data only. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.

If your LifeLock plan includes credit reports, scores, and/or credit monitoring features ("Credit Features"), two requirements must be met to receive said features: (i) your identity must be successfully verified with Equifax; and (ii) Equifax must be able to locate your credit file and it must contain sufficient credit history information. IF EITHER OF THE FOREGOING REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT MET YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FEATURES FROM ANY BUREAU.