Rosetta Stone promo codes for April 2020

Today's 16 Rosetta Stone discounts | $99.60 off

Rosetta Stone is a cloud-based language education platform for individuals, schools, home school pupils, and businesses. Students can learn more than 24 languages via cloud-base... [More details]

  • $99.60 off 24-months - Rosetta Stone offer

    Purchase a 24-month subscription online and with this Rosetta Stone offe... More details
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  • Rosetta Stone discount - $89.70 off a lifetime subscription

    You can enjoy $89.70 off a lifetime subscription when you head online an... More details
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  • Rosetta Stone sale - Save $80.55 on 12-months

    Shop the Rosetta Stone sale online and receive $80.55 off a 12-month sub... More details
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  • Rosetta Stone courses - Learn Hindi online

    When you choose to learn a new language with Rosetta Stone, you can disc... More details
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  • Rosetta Stone courses - Learn Polish

    If you are stuck at home with nothing to do then why not check out the l... More details
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  • Take Hebrew with Rosetta Stone

    Learn Hebrew online today with language courses from Rosetta Stone. Get ... More details
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  • Learn Persian (Farsi) with Rosetta Stone

    With the latest selection of Rosetta Stone courses online you can learn ... More details
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  • 10% off military discount

    Rosetta Stone offers an additional 10% discount to active and retired mi... More details
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  • Students get 10% off

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  • Learn Greek

    Discover the latest selection of languages online with Rosetta Stone tod... More details
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  • Learn Spanish (Latin America) online

    Learn Spanish (Latin America) online today and get the best offers with ... More details
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  • Learn Portuguese Online

    Take a Rosetta Stone course online today and learn Portuguese with the l... More details
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  • Learn Swedish

    Take your next online course with Rosetta Stone where you can study the ... More details
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  • Study Russian

    Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? With the latest Rosetta St... More details
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Rosetta Stone coupon codes for April 5, 2020

Rosetta Stone vouchers, coupons, & sales Code Expires
$99.60 off 24-months - Rosetta Stone offer ***** Apr 12
Students get 10% off ***** Apr 10
10% off military discount ***** Apr 10
Rosetta Stone discount - $89.70 off a lifetime subscription ***** Apr 12
Rosetta Stone sale - Save $80.55 on 12-months ***** Apr 12
Rosetta Stone courses - Learn Hindi online ***** Apr 12
Rosetta Stone courses - Learn Polish ***** Apr 12
Verified coupons - last updated:   Apr 03

Learn a New Language with a Rosetta Stone Promo Code

The Dynamic Immersion® method used by Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language easier. Download lessons, listen using audio tools, consult a phrase book, and read stories. A Rosetta Stone coupon code can save you extra at the checkout. For more on-the-go learning, you can download the Rosetta Stone app. The Rosetta Stone app is available for iOS, Android, Apple Watch, and Samsung devices.

Is there a free version of Rosetta Stone?

You might be asking yourself, "Is there a way to test out the lessons before I buy?" The answer is yes. You can try out Rosetta Stone for free with a three-day free trial demo. Thereafter, subscription rates apply.

What is a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone?

The lifetime subscription is the best price for your money. Many times, you can get unlimited languages for one great price. There are generally $100 off discounts available for you to use. The original price is $299, but with this promo, you only need to pay $199.

Does Rosetta Stone Expire?

If you are using the free 3-month trial and it is not claimed within the first 6-months, it will expire. If you would like, you can auto-renew your language software to make sure you do not skip any lessons or start to forget the progress you have already made so far.

Does Rosetta Stone have a student discount?

Discounts are available on Rosetta Stone products. College students and pupils alike can save up to 10% by registering with UNiDAYS. To claim a military discount, verify your eligibility using the online form.

How to Contact Rosetta Stone

There is an FAQ and support section on the Rosetta Stone website. If you can’t find the answers you need, drop them an email or call the customer support telephone number.

Use Rosetta Stone for Business

Businesses can invest in Rosetta Stone to help their employees master a new language. With a Rosetta Stone discount, employees can tutor with native speakers after-hours. There are cost-savings for business users.

Connect with Rosetta Stone on Social Media

To be the first to hear about Rosetta Stone sale offers, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Become a World Citizen with Rosetta Stone coupons

There are a wide variety of languages, cultures and peoples to learn about. Let these Rosetta Stone classes help expand your knowledge. Start your lessons today and become a more unique and diverse candidate.

Take Spanish courses

Hola, ¿cómo estás? Have you ever wanted to learn a language, but you were unsure of where to start? Spanish is a great language to learn. Rosetta Stone offers both Latin American and Spain Spanish, which gives you options for your travels. Learn one of the most widely spoken languages around the globe today.

Learn to speak Russian

You may have heard Russian in a spy movie, but there is a lot more to the language and culture than its past. Learn to speak this Slavic language, another widely spoken word. Russia is the largest country in the world, making it a great chance to learn something new. With a country this diverse, the language is always changing. Start today, зачем ждать?

Study French

You think you might not know how to speak another language, but you will be surprised at how much French is already in the English language. Du jour, crème de le crème, baguette and merci. Whether you are taking a romantic trip to Paris, France or if you want to make your way up to the north, to French speaking Canada, get prepared with these courses.

Korean language courses

There is more to Korean than barbeques and K-pop. If you want to learn more about this culture, food, people and history, you should dive head first into the language. Set up the foundations to understand your favorite band and song or watch a popular horror movie in the original language. The possibilities are endless when you start your studies today.

Study the Arabic language

Arabic is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after languages to learn these days. Stay ahead of the trend and start taking lessons today. If you are looking to travel in the Middle East or even some parts in Africa, speaking Arabic will really help you with your travels.

Take a Swedish course

Begin your courses for the Scandinavian power house, Swedish. It is compared most closely to English, which will help your process while learning. If you are interested in learning a language of your ancestors, be sure to check out how you can start learning today and apply a promo code to save you even more money.

Learn Portuguese

Are you a wine drinker? If so, learn some Portuguese so you can order port wine in Porto. Or you can navigate your way around Carnival in Rio, Brazil. Make your way through this vibrant culture and language when you start your lessons today with a Rosetta Stone discount.

Learn to speak Greek

Have you ever wondered what time was like during the ancient times? If so, grab your toga and notebook and start to learn the ancient language of Greek. Become like the philosophers you have heard about in the past and make them come to life through their language. The Greek alphabet is no longer just for sororities and fraternities, start learning Greek today.

Take Chinese classes

If you want to study the language of the future, dive head first into Chinese. As it is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, you are sure to find great opportunities here. Start today to boost your business knowledge and prowess. With a people and culture that goes back to almost the beginning of time, you are sure to learn something new and challenging.

Study Italian

Ciao bella, spaghetti, coffee and pizza, these all spark a great sense of wonder and enjoyment. These are some of the most noticeable Italian things out there so imagine the reaction when you order these things in perfect Italian. Whether you are taking a trip to Rome, Venice, Florence or Milan, Italy, or if you just want to take your lunch break in Little Italy, brush up on your language skills today.

Learn to speak Japanese

The country of the rising sun, Japan is an intricate and interesting country. With such a culture and people reaching far back into history, learning Japanese is a great idea. If you want to learn because of ramen noodles, Mount Fuji or order sushi from your favorite restaurant, start your studies today.