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How to get Peacock on your Fire TV right now

How to sideload Peacock on Fire TV while Amazon and NBCUniversal fight over money.


Guy looking at laptop

Microsoft's 'Find My Device' is the PC management tool you didn't know you needed

Microsoft's Find Your Device is so much more than just a way to locate a lost PC. Here are seven ways in which you can and should be using it.

how to clean your roombas filter

Learn how to clean your Roomba’s bin the right way

Sure, you’ve been tossing the dirt in your Roomba’s bin into the trash after every cleaning. But have you checked its filter lately?


new windows 10 logo

How to make Windows 10 more tolerable with these six simple tricks

How to change your Windows 10 cursor size, expand the Windows 10 Start menu, and change the size of everything in your Windows 10 layout. Plus three more visual tweaks.

asus laptop

Find power hogs on your laptop with Windows Task Manager

If you're trying to salvage every last bit of battery life on your laptop, Windows 10's Task Manager can help you find the programs consuming the most power.

Microsoft Windows Surface Laptop

3 tweaks that help your laptop battery last longer

If you're trying to help your laptop's battery survive the day, these three settings tweaks help substantially.

windows 10 20h2 2004 start menu Microsoft

How to change your computer name in Windows 10

Don't like the randomly generated name Windows 10 gives your computer after a clean install? Here's how to change it to something more memorable.

corsair memory ram

How to see how much memory is in your computer

Running out of memory can cause performance issues. Here's how to see how much memory is in your PC, and how fast it is.

internet data cap

How to avoid going over your broadband data cap

Our tips on how to avoid going over your ISP's broadband data cap cover Windows PCs, your phone, game consoles, and streaming devices. Here's how to manage your data on all four.


How to benchmark your PC laptop for real-world gains

Free benchmarking software can help you understand how well your laptop performs. And that has numerous payoffs.

Conceptual image of a password amid hexadecimal code.

How to create strong, secure passwords by learning how to crack them

Learn why strong, secure paswords matter by seeing how easy it is to crack passwords with a common tool. Longer, more complex passwords are best, and you'll see why.

13in m1 mbp desk angle

How to check your Intel and M1 Mac’s SSD health using Terminal

Learn how to set up the Terminal in macOS so you can install and run smartmontools, a utility that provides data on the health of your SSD.


install ssd in pc 1 sata and m2 drives

How to install an SSD in a PC

Here's how to install an M.2 or SATA SSD in your desktop. We walk through every step and include details to consider. We also remind you to read the manual—you'll need to for a couple of important steps.

zoom video filters 3

How to use Zoom's Video Filters to spice up your next Zoom call

Zoom's new Video Filters and Studio Effects give you fun effects without having to search for third-party images online.

android 11 navigation

Android 11: Getting started with gesture navigation

With Android 11, almost all devices will default to Google's new gesture navigation. Here's how to get started and adjust it to your liking in just a few taps, or give up and go back to buttons.