Protect Your Business without the Bloat

GFI’s small-footprint antivirus keeps businesses secure without slowing them down.

Protecting business PCs and data is a big job. The right antivirus (AV) application has to protect your data from everything from a simple rogue download to a sophisticated, multi-pronged attack like Flamer. It also must scan incoming mail for poisoned attachments, block the daily torrent of spam and help your business comply with federal and industry data-protection mandates such as HIPAA or PCI DSS.

As if that weren’t challenging enough, most businesses don’t have the resources to hire a full-time IT administrator. So a good business AV program has to be simple enough to be managed from a central console by one person without constant maintenance and supervision.

The Need for Speed

Unfortunately, many popular business security applications suffer from bloat — usually the result of poor programming practices — that can cause a computer’s performance and, consequently, an employee’s productivity, to grind to a halt. If your average employee spends 10 minutes of work time a day waiting for programs and files to load, rebooting a computer and dealing with computer problems that he or she shouldn't have to deal with, you could be losing more than $1,000 a year per employee, according to consulting company OAC Technology. And if messages recommending additional security upgrades or asking users to reconfigure a firewall keep popping up, even more time is lost.

A good business-oriented antivirus program, such as VIPRE®, does its job without wasteful overhead. One person sitting at one computer can easily handle your business’s security needs, protecting your PCs and network from worms, spyware, rootkits and all the other forms of malware that could disrupt your business.

Centralized Management

What makes a good business-oriented antivirus program? Central control. Once you set up the administration console on one computer or server, or configure the cloud-based console via the web, it then installs smaller programs, or agents, onto your machines. The agents do the work of protecting their respective computers and can be easily controlled via the console.

Most users won't even know the agent is there since it operates completely in the background. Should it need to report a problem, it reports it to the computer (and the user) through the console. This ensures quick remediation of issues with minimal impact on operations and employee productivity.

Anyone who can manage a small network can set up the console in less time than it takes to configure a new PC. Once it’s running, it requires only occasional checks.

The VIPRE console makes managing network security even easier by removing other, conflicting security programs while installing the agents over the network. It also supplies a wealth of data at a glance, telling you what intrusions were blocked and providing details on infected machines.

Comprehensive Protection

All the central control in the world doesn’t mean much if an AV program can’t adequately secure your network and data. It needs to block all kinds of malware, whether it's a five-year-old virus or a newly-released worm that won't be identified until tomorrow.

VIPRE uses a variety of techniques to do just that. It supplements its regularly updated database of known malware with heuristics; a technique that looks for certain behavioral patterns to identify undiscovered, new threats. It checks your employees' email and blocks spam and it automatically configures the Windows Firewall to streamline endpoint deployment (VIPRE® Business Premium has its own firewall, as well as malicious-website blocking).

VIPRE® Antivirus Business, VIPRE Business Premium and VIPRE® Business Online use the same award-winning anti-malware engine that, in tests conducted earlier this year by the lab AV Comparatives, detected 99.7 percent of the malicious programs thrown at it — more than any other program tested.

Protecting your data is only half of a security program's job. The other half is to stay out of the way and let your employees be productive. To do its job, an antivirus program must run in the background at all times. If it’s not well designed, it can hog a PC's resources, slowing it down or even causing conflicts with Windows or other software applications that can result in a system crash.

VIPRE developers didn't fall into that trap. Their code is lean and efficient, leaving the protected PCs running their fastest. By GFI's own testing, VIPRE proved faster than its competitors at boot time, CPU usage when idle, CPU usage while scanning and had less effect on Internet Explorer launch time.

But you don't have to take GFI’s word for that. According to Business Security Information, a blog devoted to security issues affecting small- and medium-sized businesses: “The software lived up to the company’s claims that it would not impact the computer system’s performance.”

High-efficiency Security

Not every business needs comprehensive protection. Companies with just a handful of PCs to guard can be quite secure using a security application with a small footprint. But even programs that only track and kill malware can be poorly coded and churn out unnecessary warnings and updates that waste employee time, cause confusion and slow down the PCs they’re trying to protect. And some programs are simply not powerful enough to give your business the protection it needs. You’ve got to choose the right one.

VIPRE Business Online is managed in the cloud. It’s always on alert, giving you control of your network security in 10 minutes or less. Whether you have five or 500 employees, its simple-to-use, web-based dashboard enables you to protect all your workstations and servers at any time, from anywhere.

VIPRE Antivirus Business is managed on premise. It provides real-time protection against email- and web-borne malware threats, including zero-day threats, without hogging system resources or slowing down PCs.

VIPRE Business Premium is also managed on premise. It includes all the security features of VIPRE Antivirus Business, plus bad website blocking, intrusion detection and an auto-configured firewall.

Your company needs security. But it doesn’t need expensive, bloated software that slows down your network and creates non-revenue producing work for your employees. The right business-oriented antivirus program, such as VIPRE Business Online, VIPRE Antivirus Business or VIPRE Business Premium, secures your company’s network and frees you and your employees to focus on what you do best — building your business.