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amd ryzen 3900x

AMD's game-boosting Smart Access Memory is coming to Ryzen 3000

AMD's performance-enhancing Smart Access Memory feature will come to Ryzen 3000 processors after initially debuting on Ryzen 5000 only.

pcw chrome primary

Google Chrome will replace third-party cookies with tracking that's less intrusive

Google Chrome won’t replace third-party cookies with alternative methods of tracking individuals in Chrome. The browser is moving toward tracking methods that aggregate users to protect their privacy.

brave new 2

Brave Search is a privacy-first search engine

Browser maker Brave Software is buying Tailcat, an open search engine, and will add it to what it’s calling Brave Search, a forthcoming search engine. Brave Search will be folded into the existing, privacy-first Brave browser.

rx 6700 xt

AMD's $479 Radeon RX 6700 XT targets silky-smooth 1440p gaming

AMD will have "significantly" more Radeon RX 6700 XTs for sale than prior launches, and will take other steps to get GPUs to gamers.


Make floors sparkle with this one-day sale on Roborock robot vacuums

Today only Amazon has the Roborock S6 and Roborock E4 on sale at solid discounts.


core i9 10900k 1

Today only: Save $100+ on Intel's Core i9-10900K and Core i5-10600K

B&H Photo Video has a one-day sale on the Intel Core i9-10900K for $400 and the Core i5-10600K for $175.

galaxy smarttag

Hands on: Samsung Galaxy SmartTags shine most within the SmartThings ecosystem

Samsung's SmartTags are little more than basic Bluetooth trackers, but they show their greatest potential as part of the broader Samsung ecosystem, and a more powerful model is on the way.

galaxybudspro hero

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review: A little bit of everything

Samsung's latest true wireless earbuds offer good sound quality, adequate ANC, and comfort. You'll want a new Samsung phone to get the most out of them, though.

microsoft mesh alex kipman fishtank

Microsoft Mesh: Why you should be skeptical about this new VR platform

Microsoft announced Microsoft Mesh on Tuesday, a VR platform that the company hopes will eventually be used for holographic meetings and other uses.

q acoustics 3030i on stands 3

Q Acoustics 3030i review: These bookshelf speakers will have you wondering “Where’s the subwoofer, Waldo?”

Blessed with golden ears and champagne taste, but cursed with a beer budget? You need to give these puppies a listen.


Intel 11th gen desktop

Intel's 11th-gen Rocket Lake will launch at the end of March, report says

A new report says Intel's Rocket Lake will go on sale on March 30.

microled lifestyle 2

Samsung’s 76-inch MicroLED TV will be its smallest yet

Samsung’s pricey MicroLED line is about to get more affordable, but it certainly won't be cheap.



Overclock at your own risk: Intel axes its overclocking warranty

Intel has cancelled its Performance Tuning Protection Plan, which allowed you to replace a chip you blew up overclocking once for $35.

mtr and intelligent speaker

Microsoft Teams hardware will join new presenter modes later this year

At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft certifies Microsoft Teams displays, updates its Teams speaker timeline, and unveils new presenter modes.

Microsoft Azure Percept ai devkit

Microsoft still loves smart devices, rolling out Azure Percept camera, mic and services

Microsoft has announced Microsoft Azure Percept, consisting of its Percept Vision camera module and Percept Audio smart mic. They'll form the foundation for intelligent devices built by partners.