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white paper | Presented by KnowBe4

The Phishing Breakthrough Point

Utilizing security awareness training and phishing security tests can be a useful tool to reduce unintentional insider threats. However, if robust metrics are not put in place, phishing tests can create organizational social engineering blind spots.

white paper | Presented by KnowBe4

Your Money or Your Files! A Short History of Ransomware

One of the key methods cybercriminals are using is ransomware and its numerous variants, which encrypts the less on a user's computer and demands the user pay a ransom in order to receive the key to decrypt the less.

Quality Management Powered by Omnichannel Analytics: Better Together

In this webinar we will look at the benefits of operationalizing customer and agent analytics with a worthwhile quality program in order to get the most of your analytics.

Best Practices for Successful Digital Experience Management

The digital user experience faces rising expectations from customers, cloud agility demands from business executives, and escalating complexity for IT professionals. The good news is, you can survive this perfect storm. Address these concerns, and ensure positive experiences for business-critical applications, by downloading Best Practices for Successful Digital Experience Management.

DevOps Field Guide: Practical Tips to Find and Fix Common App Performance Problems

Performance issues today are compounded by increasingly complex infrastructures that IT teams must contend with when delivering applications. As a result, detecting and fixing performance problems is hard. Sluggish end-user transactions may present themselves as being slow due to the code. However, that slowness is often not the root cause, but rather a symptom of an underlying infrastructural issue hidden from view.

Digital Businesses Need to Rethink Their Network Strategies ZK Research White Paper

The network plays a fundamental role in enabling the shift to digital. But it simply cannot fulfill this function while it is hardware-bound and hard-coded.

Ensure Network and Application Performance for Cloud an IDC Report

Despite the tremendous promise and tangible business benefits that public cloud can deliver, challenges remain in areas such as simplifying network connectivity to the cloud, providing complete end-to-end digital experience management, and improving the performance and accelerating the release cycle of cloud-based applications.

Enterprise Management Associates: Network Management Megatrends 2016

This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research summary, sponsored by Riverbed, highlights some of the key findings of EMA's landmark report, "Network Management Megatrends 2016: Managing Networks in the Era of the Internet of Things, Hybrid Cloud, and Advanced Network Analytics."

Gartner Market Guide for WAN Edge Infrastructure A Gartner Report

Recurring WAN service costs represent 21% to 25% of the cost to support a typical end-user environment yet fail to deliver the application performance and business agility required of digital business. The emergence of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions is changing all that.

How Performance Management Maturity Drives Business Agility and Innovation A ESG Strategy Report

Applications underpin today's cloud and digital transformation initiatives. As a result, it's imperative for modern IT organizations to implement a holistic, expert approach to managing applications for maximum performance and optimal business execution.

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