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How Performance Management Maturity Drives Business Agility and Innovation A ESG Strategy Report

Applications underpin today's cloud and digital transformation initiatives. As a result, it's imperative for modern IT organizations to implement a holistic, expert approach to managing applications for maximum performance and optimal business execution.

Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies An eBook

The Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies Book introduces you to common network performance management (NPM) issues and give you a new way of looking at solving them. This perspective allows you to see your network from your users' point of view, namely, the services and applications they use and their experience with them.

The Future Of The WAN Is Software-Defined A Forrester Report

The adoption of cloud resources, coupled with increased bandwidth requirements to support rich media, interactive communications, and other bandwidth-heavy applications, has created interest in deploying hybrid WAN topologies at remote locations (e.g., a combination of MPLS, Internet, LTE, etc.). While multiple transport technologies increase capacity and reliability, they also increase complexity and create new challenges for network managers.

white paper | Presented by Sprint Business

Carrier Cooperation: A New Business Imperative

Let's face it, the enterprise network market has been cutthroat for decades. This is understandable. But with today's more open, integrated tech ecosystems - and more collaborative, interconnected business models - it's also unjustifiable. That's because carriers that insist on delivering 100% of every solution they offer aren't doing what's best for enterprises.

white paper | Presented by One Identity

Defender - The Right Way to Prove Identity and Establish Trust

This paper explains how you can prove the identity of the other party in an e-transaction or exchange of information. It also describes why Defender is an excellent solution to help you accomplish this. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft's Active Directory, Defender offers a truly extensible architecture that is capable of scaling to fit your business needs.

ebook | Presented by Citrix Systems Inc

Enabling the Distributed Enterprise with SD-WAN Customer Stories

Discover how Citrix customers are redefining their distributed Enterprise networks with NetScaler SD-WAN.

ebook | Presented by One Identity

IAM for the Real World Access Management

Access is usually the highest priority when taking on IAM challenges, but how do you do it most effectively? In this e-book, you'll discover: today's key challenges for effective access management; the most common identity administration principles; the significant benefits that can come from getting to one identity.

ebook | Presented by One Identity

Identity and Access Management for the Real World The Fundamentals

This short e-book "Identity and Access Management for the Real World" evaluates what IAM for the real world would, should and can look like, including best practices. It delves into the most pressing identity management and access management issues faced by virtually every organization and offers actionable, affordable and sustainable best practices for the IAM challenges you face.

ebook | Presented by Citrix Systems Inc

The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Right ADC for the Digital Transformation Era

Apps are constantly changing - and they quickly spread across your network. You need an ADC that can support hybrid cloud and application delivery in new ways with new technologies to create opportunities for innovation as your enterprise strives toward digital transformation.

video/webcast | Presented by One Identity

The Future of Privileged Management Understanding the Bigger Picture

The realm of privileged account management (PAM) is expanding horizontally and vertically. It's expanding horizontally by covering more than just the administration of passwords and login, as well as by providing full support for managing privileged sessions at runtime; and it's expanding vertically by focusing on far more than a few highly privileged users, but all types of privileged users.

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