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white paper | Presented by Relativity

Relativity Trust: Understanding Security in RelativityOne

Security is integral to who we are at Relativity-from our people and operations, to how we design RelativityOne and the foundation we build on in Microsoft Azure. Our commitment to make RelativityOne the most trusted and reliable cloud solution extends beyond ISO 27001 compliance. These are the tenets of Relativity Trust. Download this white paper for the details, from hiring practices to password policies to penetration tests.

white paper | Presented by Bitsight

How Automating Third-Party Risk Management Helps Banks and Financial Institutions Address New Regulatory Requirements

Banks & financial firms have long been aware of the need to manage risk in third-party partners & most have a formal program for managing that risk. Yet an existing thirdparty risk management (3PRM) program may not address today's increased levels of outsourcing & new regulatory requirements for cybersecurity. Together, these factors are prompting financial institutions to take a fresh look at the strengths & focus of their 3PRM strategy.

white paper | Presented by Bitsight

Take Control of Vendor Risk Management Through Continuous Monitoring

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BitSight shows why many firms may have a false sense of security with it comes to third-party cyber risk. See key findings and access your free copy here.

white paper | Presented by Bitsight

40 Questions You Have in Your Vendor Security Assessment

Our goal with this guide is to help you get started with the creation of your vendor security risk assessment. This is not intended to be an out-of-box security assessment solution, but rather, a guide to get you headed in the right direction. We'll explain the top three frameworks you should be examining, questions you may want to consider (and why you should potentially consider them) and what else to include in your VRM program.

video/webcast | Presented by GoToAssist

Ensuring Security for Technical Support

In today's digital enterprise, ensuring security in the support process is more important that ever: the number of cyber-attacks designed around fake support sessions continues to grow. The good news is that new support platforms are available that provide greater protection. Join us as we discuss how these solutions solve the challenge for both users and support professionals.

white paper | Presented by Arbor Networks

2017 Global DDoS Mitigation Products Market Leadership Award

Arbor Networks has established itself firmly as the DDoS mitigation products market leader by delivering a robust and integrated portfolio of products, services, and features. Furthermore, the company's attention to customer value and a clear strategy to mitigate future attacks indicates the company's staying power as the leading provider of DDoS mitigation products.

ebook | Presented by Arbor Networks

Insight Into The Global Threat Landscape - Netscout Arbor's 13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report

This document highlights key industry trends and threats facing network operators, along with the strategies used to mitigate them.

white paper | Presented by Arbor Networks

SWOT Assessment: Arbor Cloud

Arbor Cloud combines carrier-grade mitigation equipment with network bandwidth expanding to 8Gbps by 1Q18 to address huge volumetric attacks. It also comes with the threat intelligence provided by Arbor's Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS), collected from its 300+ carrier partners, and the expertise of the Arbor Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) of researchers.

white paper | Presented by Neo4j

The Top 5 Use Cases of Graph Databases

Graph databases enable you to generate competitive insights and derive significant business value from your connected data. Discover the top five most impactful and profitable use cases of graph databases, including fraud detection, real-time recommendations, and master data management.

white paper | Presented by Arbor Networks

Why IPS Devices and Firewals Fail to Stop DDoS Threats

This white paper examines why IPS devices and firewalls fail to stop DDoS threats. It also describes how an intelligent DDoS mitigation system (IDMS) offers an ideal solution by enabling a layered defense strategy to combat both volumetric and application-layer DDoS attacks.

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