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The Full Nerd ep. 175: Ryzen 5900X and leaked GeForce Ti GPUs inspire rare hope

In this episode of The Full Nerd, things are finally looking up. AMD's Ryzen 5900X processors are starting to appear more frequently, and Nvidia's rumored RTX "Ti" GPUs could crush mining demand.

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We love 1More's Stylish True Wireless earbuds, and they're 50% off

1More is selling its Stylish True Wireless in-ear headphones for $50.

Outdated, obsolete computer systems in need of updating display binary code.

How to make an old PC useful for someone else | Ask an expert

A frugal relative might take your cast-off computer as-is. But if you care, you want them to have the best possible experience, right?

Logitech G Pro X

Logitech's exceptional G Pro X gaming headset hits an all-time low price

Newegg is selling the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset for $102.

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The best USB-C hubs for your laptop or tablet

Tested and approved: We'll tell you which USB-C hub to buy for your laptop or tablet, based on our hands-on evaluation of more than a dozen products.


Windows 10's Clipboard History is the best little tool you're not using

Windows 10's Clipboard History tool lets you store multiple items at a time for copying and pasting. While there's no shortage of third-party clipboard managers for Windows—many of which cost money—Microsoft's own option might be all you need.

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Do Philips Hue smart bulbs need a hub? No, but here's why they're better with one

You can control Philips Hue bulbs via Bluetooth rather than a hub, but here are the features you’ll be missing.


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Proscenic A9 air purifier review: Powerful air flow, questionable odor

An immature app isn’t the least appealing aspect of this smart air purifier


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Dell security flaw from 2009 affects 'hundreds of millions' of PCs: How to fix it

Newly discovered security vulnerabilities put Dell PCs going back to 2009 at risk, but there are steps you can take to fix them.

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The best CPUs for gaming

The best gaming CPUs will help your PC pump out as many frames as possible, as quickly as possible. We pick the best for every budget.

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Livedrive online backup review: Elegant, fast, and a bit pricey

The Livedrive online backup service inspires confidence with its flawless install and performance, as well as its clean, no-nonsense interface. It is a bit pricey however.

5 end of life grave

Windows 10 shovels dirt on Flash's grave

Windows 10 will fully remove Flash from patched PCs starting in July, and it won't be offered in the big May 2021 Update either.


Save $40 on Razer's swanky Wolverine Tournament Edition controller

The Microsoft Store is selling Razer's Wolverine Tournament Edition controller for $80, a huge $40 discount.


Celebrate May the Fourth with this highly rated $14 Chewbacca speaker

Amazon is selling this Bitty Boomers Chewbacca Bluetooth speaker for $14 on Star Wars Day.

amd ryzen 1800x build resized

No, you can't run Ryzen 5000 on your old AMD motherboard, but maybe that's a good thing

Sorry, you cannot run Ryzen 5000 in old AMD motherboards. That's been the official line for a while, but AMD caught some users trying it anyway, with a beta BIOS from ASRock. AMD has squelched this practice and says it's time to buy a new motherboard.