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fortnite season 3

Fortnite pulled from the Play Store as Epic accuses Google of blocking Android deals

Google has pulled Fortnite from the Play Store over billing while Epic Games says the Android maker kept Fortnite deals from going forward.

Antlion ModMic Wireless

Antlion ModMic Wireless review: One step closer to the ideal ModMic

Ditching the cable makes installing the headset-agnostic ModMic Wireless a cinch compared to its predecessors, though middling battery life and diminished audio quality are the necessary trade-offs.

focal stellia opener3

Focal Stellia review: The most exquisite headphone we’ve reviewed to date

This magnificent headphone offers a heavenly sound with a devilish price tag.


Intel tiger lake

Intel 11th-gen Tiger Lake vs. AMD Ryzen 4000: Which chip will win?

Intel 11th-gen Tiger Lake vs. AMD Ryzen 4000. We take what we know about Intel's chip and handicap its chances of crushing AMD.

total home comfort and security bundle

Ecobee Total Home Comfort and Security Bundle review: An underwhelming home security solution

There are excellent components in this package, but they don’t add up to a great DIY home security system.


Razer naga pro left-handed

Razer launches left-handed Naga gaming mouse for Left-Handers Day

Razer said last year that it would bring back the Naga gaming mouse for lefties, and it's finally arrived.

troy total war

Epic is giving away A Total War Saga: Troy for free, but just for 24 hours today

The latest chapter in the Total War series, A Total War Saga: Troy, is being given away for free today. Grab it now!

surface duo split screen

Why the Microsoft Surface Duo already worries me as an Android user

Microsoft's Surface Duo costs more than the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but it's clearly lacking in specs, power, and versatility.

samsung portable ssd t7 touch primary

The fast, secure Samsung T7 SSD just hit an all-time-low

Amazon is selling the 2TB Samsung T7 Touch Portable for $330.

intel boyd phelps tiger lake wafer

Intel promises 'dramatic' clock speed increases in Tiger Lake CPU

Intel reveals some of the technical details behind its upcoming Tiger Lake processor, including memory, PCI Express 4.0, and unexpected transistor improvements that could boost clock speeds dramatically.

noheatsink4 copy

Killer SSD deals: Save big on both capacity and speed

Get a 500GB WD Black NVMe for $63 at Amazon or a 1TB Team SSD at Newegg for $83 in today's storage deals.

purpose built client

Intel's 'Client 2.0' computer of the future is a device customized to your needs

Intel's "Client 2.0" view of the future means the performance of the device is tailored to your needs, no one-size-fits-all solution.

intel logo mwc 2017

Intel's Alder Lake chip pushes performance, then battery life, for laptops

The new Alder Lake chip from Intel builds upon its Lakefield predecessor by emphasizing performance first, then battery life, for thin-and-light laptops and other compact devices.

intel xe gpu tease

Intel plans Xe consumer graphics for laptops first, a discrete card in 2021

Intel's first Xe graphics part for consumers will go into laptops, but 2021 will bring the long-anticipated discrete graphics card with hardware ray tracing.

microsoft surface duo open

The Microsoft Surface Duo arrives in September with sky-high pricing

Microsoft has announced that the Surface Duo will begin shipping September 10 for $1,399.