Meet Spot, a dog-like robot that likes getting kicked

PCWorld | Feb 10, 2015

A new robot from Boston Dynamics can stay upright even after being kicked.

Google owned Boston Dynamics is at it again. This time with Spot, a four-legged robot whose most impressive feat is staying upright when kicked. That's a big task for a robot and its arsenal of sensors that keep it from falling over. While being kicked might not happen so often in real life, it's proof that its sense of balance is impeccable. Spot is electric, which means that it isn't as loud as its larger, gas powered counterparts like Wildcat, seen in this video from 2013. Spot also can't move as fast as Wildcat, which can run at 16 miles per hour or 26 kph.

At 160 pounds, Spot is much lighter than its larger counterparts.

Other robots from the company include Petman. And even though its movements make it look like a human, when it's clothes come off, it is very much machine. There's also Cheetah, which can run at an astounding 28 miles per hour.

Google bought Boston Dynamics in 2013. Its headquarters are in Waltham, Massachusetts about 30 minutes from Boston and it was founded in 1992 by a group from MIT. Boston Dynamics serves all branches of the US military as well as private companies.

In Boston, Nick Barber, IDG News Service.