5 features to get you started with your new Samsung Galaxy S6

Greenbot | Apr 13, 2015

Samsung's new flagship comes bundled with a heaping of new software features, including an improved fingerprint scanner, Themes, and more.

Okay, so you've got this brand new flagship in your hand and you have no idea where to start with it. That's okay! That's what I'm here to help you with, and when we're done, you'll have set up five neat features on your new Samsung Galaxy S6.

1. Get used to using Multi-Window

I’ve always appreciated the ability to use two apps at the same time on Samsung devices. It’s easy to use, too. From the Cards-style menu in the app switcher, you can see exactly which apps support Multi-Window. Tap the icon, and then choose the other app you want below.

2. Try a theme

Samsung’s Themes app isn’t as customizable as HTC’s or another third-party app in the Play Store, but it’s fun nonetheless. Themes are available inside the Settings panel on the Galaxy S6. For now, you’re only limited to X themes, but hey, if you’re feeling pink, there’s a theme for that.

3. Set up voice detection

It’s a little weird, but I love that I can ask my phone for help form across the room with voice detection, which can you also set up on the Galaxy S6. First you’ll want to disable S voice in the Application manager [show me disabling S Voice]. Then, go into the Google app, drag out the Settings, and open up OK Google detection in the voice menu. From here, toggle on “From any screen,” and then record your voice. [me recording OK Google]

4. Set a schedule for Do Not Disturb

Seriously, Mom, you have got to stop calling me late at night! No, I don’t care that you burned your rice.

If your mom calls late at night like mine does, you might want to activate the Do Not Disturb settings, which effectively shuts off the phone while you’re asleep. It’s easy to do: go into Settings, and then Sounds and notification. From there, you can set up the schedule, including blocking out a certain time frame, so that no annoying phone calls and text messages come through while you’re sleeping.

5. Set up the fingerprint scanner

Stay secure with the Galaxy S6’s new and improved fingerprint scanner. All you have to do is long press to unlock the phone. Setup takes a few minutes for each print, but you can add up to four different fingers to unlock the phone. It’s good to have that kind of variety—and that kind of security readily available to you.