This Asus phone built for selfies is either a dream or a nightmare

PCWorld | Jun 1, 2015

The Asus ZenPhone Selfie is designed to make it's owner shine, with camera and lighting functions on the front that are normally found on the rear of a smartphone.

Here’s a phone that promises better selfies


It’s either a dream or your worst nightmare, because it’s sure to encourage more selfie-taking. The Asus ZenPhone Selfie has been designed to make it’s owner shine.

While mostly identical to the ZenPhone 2 that was just launched in the US, the ZenPhone Selfie has features on the front that you’d normally find only on the back.

There’s a dual-LED flash on the front and back of the phone and 13 megapixel cameras on each side, so selfies don’t suffer from the lower resolution typically found on front-facing cameras.

And for quick selfie action, just swipe your finger over the screen in the shape of the letter S, and the phone is in selfie mode.

In a quick test, the pictures did appear bright and sharp, but the camera took about 3 seconds to come up after the S motion gesture. Not exactly fast.

Asus says it will be available in the third quarter, there’s no pricing information yet.