Computex 2015: Get creative with Noodoe smartwatch

PCWorld | Jun 2, 2015

The Noodoe smartwatch doesn't have all the bells and whistles of others, but that's intentional. It's intended as a digital canvas to let your creativity show.

This is Noodoe, a minimalistic smartwatch that lets you create your own designs.


Noodoe isn’t a typical smartwatch. It will tell you the time and relay alerts from your phone, but that's about it - and that’s intentional.

Rather than rely on technology, the Noodoe is a digital canvas that lets you tell the time in whatever way you want.

It’s the work of John Wang, a former HTC executive, who had creativity in mind when he developed it.

“In many ways, Noodoe is a lot closer to Swatch in terms of self-expression and is a lot closer to Lego in terms of using your own ideas.”

Here’s how it works.

The rectangle in this piece of paper represents the watch face over the course of a minute. The drawing will crawl across it in this example, but you could use graphics, handwriting or text however you like.

“OK, that’s it. I’ve got my snakes. Now let’s try putting them on the Noodoe smartwatch.”

Just take a picture with the Noodoe app. It’s available now on Android with an iOS version promised. The app lets you tweak the pattern and once you’re happy, a click of the button sends the art to the watch.

If you’re not very artistic, the app also offers a selection of watch faces drawn by others.

It’s tempting to think Noodoe is only limited by your imagination, but a real limitation is the screen. The model I tried out was a 32 by 128 pixel AMOLED — a far cry from the eye-popping display of the Apple Watch but useful enough for basic functions.

If you like to get creative, the Noodoe watch may be for you, but if you prefer more bells and whistles there’s no shortage of other smartwatches out there.

“Better than snakes on a plane, snakes on a watch and they’re my snakes. Noodoe’s going to be out this year in Q4 for under $100.”