Hardcore Hardware: Maingear Epic Force X99

PCWorld | Jun 9, 2015

Maingear's Epic Force X99 gives you mod-level attention to detail and a simply beautiful paintjob and liquid cooling that would make Mario proud.

When your last name is Buffet, Gates or Walton and you want a bad-ass gaming rig for your 7-year-old niece to play Minecraft on, you don’t build it—You buy it. And here’s what they’d buy.

This is Maingear’s Epic Force X99. An $11,000 machine so excessively luxurious, it would make a Saudi prince with a diamond toilet feel at home.

What makes the Epic Force X99 so epic? There’s no cheap case or off the shelf cooling any PC Newb can build. Instead, it’s all custom paint, incredible attention to detail and custom liquid cooling that’s so beautiful, it’s technically a work of art. Believe me, I’ve done custom liquid cooling before and it usually ends up looking like a Slurpee machine fell on its side. This is elegant and pure beauty.

There’s no low-end parts either. The waterblocks are top shelf EK parts and keep the CPU, motherboard and video cards dead cool. And yes, this giant reservoir is filled with Unicorn milk and oversized so the owner won’t have to service it.

The attention to detail is simply phenomenal—even the back plates on the GPUs are painted to the match the case.

For parts you get Intel’s best: A Core i7-5960X overclocked to 4.5GHz and four GeForce Titan X cards. If you’re hating on the GeForce Titan X as being irrelevant with the GeForce GTX 980 Ti out because “it’s a better value,” I’ve got news for you: rich people don’t care so keep on hating.

Performance is what you’d expect: It’s the fastest gaming PC we’ve ever seen and plays any game. Period at 4K without an issue.

If there’s a couple of things I’d ding the Epic Force X99 for, the first is storage. It has three 256GB SSDs in RAID 0. Boring for an $11,000 machine. Second, the case is beautifully painted but really just an off the shelf Corsair 900D. When I buy a Lamborghini, I want one that no one else can buy or at least, no regular person can buy.

But then, no one’s going to look at this beautiful machine and think it’s just a regular machine. They’ll either think you spent three months building it and you’re a professional modder or your last name shows up on the Forbes billionares list every year.
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