Top 3 Microsoft E3 reveals

PCWorld | Jun 15, 2015

Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will play Xbox 360 games and showed us an entirely new way to play Minecraft with HoloLens.

Here are the top three major announcements from Microsoft’s big E3 press conference.

First, backward compatibility. Microsoft said it’s adding Xbox 360 backward compatibility to Xbox One. This is a feature Xbox One gamers had always hoped for, but no one actually expected.

This means your Xbox 360 games, the games you’ve already bought and spent money on, will be able play natively on your Xbox One console.

Phil Spencer
Head, Microsoft Xbox
Our goal is to deliver largest game.. backward compatibility

Digital versions of your XBox 360 games will show up automatically in your game library on Xbox One and retail discs will work as well by downloading them.

Microsoft showed the game Mass Effect running on the Xbox One with Xbox One features, like playing multiplayer with your Xbox 360 friends, screenshots, broadcasting, game DVR and game streaming with the Xbox app on Windows 10.

Hundreds of titles will be out this holiday season. If you’re an Xbox preview member, you wont have to wait as long- you’ll get an initial set of backward compatible game titles today.

Xbox Elite Wireless controller
Number two, a new controller, the Xbox Elite Wireless One controller, which Microsoft says offers more customization, more precision, and more control for gaming.

It has hair trigger locks, swappable components and will work with the Xbox One and Windows 10. It’s coming out this fall.

Virtual and augmented reality
We already knew that Microsoft is partnering with Oculus by including its Xbox One controller with every Rift headset at launch and by
streaming Xbox One games through Windows 10.

Today, Microsoft announced another deal with a virtual reality headset maker. It’s partnering with Valve VR, working to make Windows 10 a platform for VR gaming. But we don’t know the exact details of the partnership.

We also saw what Microsoft has in mind for gaming with HoloLens, its untethered, holographic computer that’s powered by Windows 10.

Microsoft showed a demo of a new version of Minecraft built for Microsoft HoloLens. You can play the game on any surface, like a table.

Players can navigate and manipulate the game with a controller, but also with their voice and hands. They can walk around the hologram, see different viewpoints and look inside.

Microsoft didn’t say how much with HoloLens version of Minecraft will cost or when it will go on sale.

Bottom line, Microsoft is continuing to expand its gaming platform based around the Xbox One, to Xbox 360 with backward compatibility, Windows 10 with a new controller, virtual reality through partnerships and augmented reality with HoloLens.