Ditch the cables with WattUp wire-free charging

IDG News Service | Aug 31, 2015

Energous' WattUp wire-free system powers devices up to 15 feet away from a router.

These phones are being charged without ANY wires.

The wire-free charging system is called Wattup from Energous.
It uses radio waves and Bluetooth to charge cell phones, flameless candles, toys and eventually other consumer devices like wearables.

Michael Leabman
Tablet, anything less than 10W that’s mobile is really our sweet spot. Our goal is you walk into a room, you put your device down, you have it in your pocket. We find that device and we can charge.

Wattup’s wire-free charging uses a transmitter and receiver.
This is the transmitter. It can be installed in a number of electronics, like the bezel of this television and inside this stereo.
The transmitter charges devices within a 15-foot radius and finds them using Bluetooth.
The receiver chips can be embedded inside different consumer devices, like a smartphone

We use the unlicensed Wi-Fi band and instead of sending data, we use hundreds of antennas to focus the radio signals at different receiver devices and essentially using radio waves we’ll convert that signal into energy and then charge that device.

The Wattup software allows for up to 12 devices to be charged at once.
The length of time it takes to charge a device depends on its distance from the transmitter. It ranges from 4 watts within 5 feet to 1 watt at 15 feet. If the device is within zero to five feet from the transmitter, charging time is about the same as using a wall charger.

Wattup won’t be available directly to consumers. Instead, Energous is licensing its technology and reference designs to companies that make the consumer devices and routers.

We’d work with the likes of a Cisco, Netgear, DLink and basically give them a reference design so they can create their own routers that they would sell onto the market. On the device side, we’ll work with battery companies, device companies, consumer electronics companies so they can embed our receiver device onto different platforms.

Wattup’s availability depends on what partners Energous lines up and when those companies start selling the technology to consumers. Leabmen says he expects early launches at the end of 2016.