Apple iPad Pro, drone bill vetoed, NASA 4K channel - The Wrap

IDG News Service | Sep 10, 2015

Apple announces the iPad Pro, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and updates to its Watch and TV, a drone bill designed to protect privacy gets vetoed and NASA plans a 24-hour 4K television channel.

Apple intros a new iPad and a drone law gets vetoed.

Here's your tech top 3 and what you need to know this week.
Apple's two hour presentation this week saw a wide range of new products and product updates. Most notably the company introduced the iPad Pro with a 12.9 inch screen and physical keyboard. The Apple watch got an update and became more stylish with a partnership with Hermes. There was also the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that now support 3D Touch with pressure sensitivity. And Apple TV will use Siri to surface content.

A controversial bill to control drone flights has been vetoed by the governor of California. The bill would have forced drones to fly at a minimum of 350 over private property. While the governor called the bill well intentioned to help quell privacy concerns he said it could have exposed the occasional hobbyist to burdensome litigation. Hobby drones must currently stay under 400 feet.

NASA wants to bring you space in 4K. NASA UHD will broadcast 4K footage 24 hours a day for free and without commercials starting later this year. It will mark the first full time 4K channel available in the US and could pave the way for more like it. Up until now there hasn't been a lot of content for 4K which has slowed adoption of the format. It's unclear though how the channel will be delivered.

In focus this week we take a closer look at Apple's iPad Pro, which has some striking similarities to Microsoft's Surface Tablet. Let's compare some of the features. First the smart connector. It's a new connector for Apple that carries data and power and uses magnets to connect to the keyboard. That's the same style of connector that Microsoft uses on its Surface tablet. Apple's created a keyboard that doubles as a cover. Microsoft has the same. Apple said that when the iPad Pro connects to the keyboard, iOS senses that and optimizes apps. Microsoft has a name for that and it's called Continuum in Windows 10. And now Apple has adopted a Stylus, something Steve Jobs made fun of several years ago. Called the Pencil, the 99 dollar accessory is supposed to allow for more fine control of the interface. And of course Microsoft has one of these as well. Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 with keyboard and pen is a hundred dollars cheaper than a similar Apple bundle and with the Surface you get 64 gigs of storage versus Apple's 32. Not only did Apple imitate Microsoft with this newest product, but they even invited Microsoft on stage to show how Office productivity apps work on the iPad Pro. Apple has realized if it could make its tablets appeal to businesses and enterprise users, then there's a whole new market that opens up; one that only Microsoft is currently catering too. I'm Nick Barber and that's a wrap.