Google Pixel C: What you need to know

IDG News Service | Sep 29, 2015

Google's Pixel C convertible will be out later this year and will start at $499.

Pixel C a new device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Pixel C where the C stands for convertible is an entirely new way to combine a tablet and a keyboard. Closed, they're connected with self aligning magnets. Touch it to the back of the keyboard and lift. The tablet attaches magnetically and the screen is fully adjustable between 100 and 135 degrees. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth, avoiding unsightly contacts on your tablet. When closed the tablet inductively charges the Pixel C's keyboard. Just a few minutes a day closed will keep the battery topped up and if you don't close it for a while, don't worry, the keyboard will last for over two months of daily active usage without ever recharging. The Pixel C's display lives up to its name with 308 pixels per inch. That's 4.6 million pixels if you're keeping count. It's super bright at 500 nits and has sRGB color gamut. Driving all of those pixels is an Nvidia quad core processor with a desktop class Maxwell GPU. So to enable far field voice input we've added 4 microphones so now you can have voice interactions from across the room. Of course the tablet charges with USB type C. The Pixel C will be available in time for the holidays on the Google Store starting at 499 for the tablet and 149 for the keyboard.