Surface Pro 4: What you need to know

IDG News Service | Oct 6, 2015

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 has a new keyboard and is 30 percent faster than Surface Pro 3.

This is the 4th generation of building a tablet that can replace your laptop and man we are there. This product is thinner. It is the thinnest, most powerful core PC ever shipped by far. Start with the screen. We went from 12 inches to 12.3 inches on the diagonal. Note, we did not change the footprint at all of the device. First off, the cover glass. It is 400 microns thick. That's .4 millimeters. That is the thinnest cover glass with Gorilla Glass 4 on it ever shipped on a tablet. We also have our own custom chipset that brings it all together. I'm introducing you today to a chipset in this product that is called the G5 chipset brought to you by Microsoft. Let me explain to you what it does. In short it takes that optical stack and then it brings the best pen and touch experience you've ever witnessed or felt on any product. And I'll explain that. Let me introduce you to the latest Surface Pen. It has a tail eraser. It has this beautiful stiction(?) to it so when you do erase from the back—isn't that funny we finally put a eraser on it. It's kind of funny there's a pencil out there without an eraser. It's weird. It's like backwards. Surface Pro 3. Surface Pro 4. 30 percent faster than Surface Pro 3. 30 percent is just power. Surface Pro 4 is 50 percent faster than Macbook Air. We went from 9.1 millimeters to 8.4 millimeters. The only reason we stopped there was to make sure you had the full power of the USB 3 port! That's it. This is the new Surface Pro 4 type cover. It is the thinnest and lightest typecover that we have ever shipped. We've put in a pro keyset on this product. What you'll see is that we went from this tight keyset design where we have now filled out the entire keyset for your hands. Don't worry though. This product works perfectly with your Surface Pro 3. Pro set keyboard comes with a fingerprint reader just for those customers. The product starts at 899 and you can preorder it pretty much right now. It's available October 26.