Microsoft Surface Book: What you need to know

IDG News Service | Oct 6, 2015

The Surface Book is Microsoft's first convertible computer and will start shipping October 26, 2015 and start at $1,499.

This is Surface Book. 13.5 inches diagonal across. It delivers 6 million pixels to your eyes. It's 1.6 mm of travel. We've been making keyboard switches for 25 years at Microsoft. We made the ergonomic keyboard. It's got the latest Intel processors in it. They are phenomenal. We pushed these things. We worked with Intel in and out. We gave them a full 12 hours of battery life to use this product for. We're going to compare Surface Book to how it compares to a Macbook pro. By adding the discrete GPU, 2x for processors, it fundamentally makes Surface Book two times faster than the Macbook Pro. When you want to remove the top—by the way it's a full laptop. You see, this is the whole point of it. I'm supposed to use it as a laptop and never think twice. It's the ultimate laptop, but at any given time I just pull it off. The GPU is at the base of this product. So I've plugged the product in here. And I've reversed it. We call it draw mode and I'll show you how simple that is in just a minute. But now I have the full power of the GPU plugged into the top with the CPU. This product starts at $1499 and is also available for preorder. It's available October 26th.