Adding a child user account in Windows 10

IDG.TV | Feb 9, 2016

It actually costs you 50 cents to set up a child user account in Windows 10! But there's a good reason why, and you'll find out how it all works in this video.

Just like you wouldn’t let your kids run wild in a toy store—RIGHT???—you don’t want that in Windows 10, especially because Microsoft wants to track them and sell to them just like anyone else. Luckily, you still have some control, and a few choices. Here’s what to expect.

When you set up user accounts in Windows 10, there are some extra steps if the user is a child.

Click the Windows Start icon, click Settings, then Accounts. Choose Family and other users. Click Add a family member, then choose Add a child.

Well lookie here, Microsoft’s saying kids are safer online with their own accounts. I can’t imagine what they’re insinuating here. But if your kid has a Microsoft account, here’s where you’d enter it. Or Microsoft can help you create one.

So I’m going to create one for my cat Elliott...and here you see where you can set up his basic info. Click Next to set up a phone number for account recovery.

Next you have some decisions to make. Do you want to “enhance” your kid’s online experience by letting Microsoft Advertising use their account info? What about promotional offers? It’s up to you.

Then Windows 10 is ready to create the account and checks to make sure you’re authorized to do this…

Now Microsoft is reminding you that your kid will be a user on Microsoft services, from Xbox to Skype to OneDrive. This is like letting your kid go to the mall alone, but you’ll have some control and you should probably use it.

Get this: You have to enter your credit card info so Microsoft can charge you 50 cents to create your kid’s account. This confirms you’re an adult, and they donate the money to charity, but geez, kids are expensive!

So say your kid doesn’t have a Microsoft account yet and you don’t want them to have one. You might as well be abandoning them at the bus station, because Microsoft won’t let you set them up as a family member. They’ll have to be set up under Other users and given a simple, local account with no ties to Microsoft services. Sorry kid, them’s the breaks.

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