I forgot my Windows 10 password!

IDG.TV | Feb 8, 2016

Forgetting your Windows 10 password isn't the disaster it used to be. Windows lets you get back on track with a pretty easy reset process. Here's how it works.

If you forgot your Windows 10 password you’re probably talking about your Microsoft account, password, because that’s the way most people will log in to Windows 10.

At the password prompt, if you type in the wrong thing, Windows will tell you where to go online to reset your password.

Sorry, hackers, you can’t get the current password with this method, and you’re going to have to verify you’re legit to go any further.

So here’s the URL... [account.live.com/password/reset]

When you get here, you can say you’ve forgotten it, and Microsoft will ask you questions to make sure you’re not a bot.

Once you’ve gotten through that, you’ll be given a choice of sending a recovery code to an alternate email address, or to your phone. You should set up these alternate addresses in your Microsoft account if you haven’t already, just in case you run into a jam like this.

So I’m going to choose to send it to my phone...and it’s going to make me type in a little more of my phone number to make sure I know this number...and then it’s going to send it.

Now here’s the recovery code on my phone, which I’ll type in here, and then I can reset my password.

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