Asus' Zenbo is a cute home robot

IDG News Service | May 31, 2016

Asus' Zenbo is a cute home robot that follows voice commands from its owner.

“Introduce yourself”

“Hi. My name is Zenbo. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

It’s the personal assistant home robot that responds to its owner’s commands.

Asus’s Zenbo stands a little over half a meter tall and trundles around on two wheels. An animated face provides a human element.

“Hey Zenbo. Turn on the TV.”


It can also control the lights, an air conditioner and other household appliances as long as they have a remote control mechanism.

“Hey Zenbo. Can you play some music?”

The little robot won’t just play music. It will dance to it too. It’s one of several party tricks programmed in.

“Hey Zenbo. I want to do online shopping”

“Online shopping. No problem.”

Asus has dreamt up a number of other things it could do, although none are really much easier than they way they are done now, but what Zenbo does highlight is growing sophistication of voice command.

Like OK Google, Apple’s Siri and Hey Cortana, it’s now much easier to interact with computers using voice and that’s important for home robots … well, when it works.

Asus isn’t the only company pursuing the dream of a robot in every home. In Japan, Softbank recently sold a number of its Pepper robot and others have tried in the past too. Remember Sony’s Aibo dog?

The company says it will cost $599, but hasn’t said much else about when it will be available or where.