Google's Chromebook End Of Life Policy Gives Your Laptop Five Years to Live

PCWorld | Oct 22, 2016

Older Chromebooks will lose support after five years, if Google’s Chromebook End of Life Policy has its way. Here’s what to expect as the dreaded date nears.

Okay, Google: After pushing Chromebooks into the hands of consumers, corporations, and innocent children in schools worldwide, who knew you had a dastardly plan: To shut down every Chromebook after just. Five. Years. Keep watching to find out about your own Chromebook’s day of reckoning.

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Google’s Chromebook End of Life Policy says that five years after your Chromebook was made--not five years after you bought it, but five years after it was made--the machine will be considered obsolete and no longer receive updates from Google.

Google’s point of view, if you care, is that they don’t want to be responsible for supporting computers for years and years and years, like Microsoft does with Windows computers. Windows XP is fifteen years old, and Microsoft is still having to support it for some hopelessly retro people.

But part of the appeal of Chromebooks was the promise of constant updates, so knowing this could all go away in just five years feels a little short. And Google’s answer? Buy a new Chromebook--which will also die in five years! RIGHT.

Google is hedging its bets, though: The company has said it may extend the deadline for work and education Chromebooks, for instance, but there’s basically no guarantee after five years. I’ve got one Chromebook here, the Samsung Series 5, that’s already lost its software support, and two more that will be on the block within a few short years.

Google’s going to get rid of your Chromebook someday whether you like it or not--you can go to this chart to find out exactly when. And if you have other questions about the end of life as we know it, ask us at