Disable Autoplay Settings In Windows 10

PCWorld | Oct 26, 2016

Use the AutoPlay settings to keep malicious files from downloading to your PC. Here's how.

AutoPlay is that dialog that pops up when you put in an external drive, asking you what to do with the drive. What you don’t want is for malicious files to download automatically to your PC, so here’s how to run AutoPlay settings safely.

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Even if you think that USB drive is legit, the safest thing is to adjust your Autoplay settings--so that nothing autoplays!

Hit the Windows key, then go to Settings,
Devices, AutoPlay. Here you can turn AutoPlay on or off, or you can choose defaults for the kind of media your PC takes.

I have just USB ports on this PC, so that’s all I can adjust, but your PC might have media card slots or an optical drive too, for instance.

Choose ‘take no action’ if you want AutoPlay to do nothing, or choose ‘Open folder to view files’ if you want it to open Explorer for you, or have AutoPlay ask you every time what you want to do.

To refine AutoPlay further, go to the Control panel:

Right-click the Start menu and select Control Panel. Look for that little ‘View By’ option in the top right corner, and click it to select Large Icons, so you can see all the Control Panel items. Find and click the AutoPlay icon.

Now you have all the choices laid out for you: The kind of drive, and all the AutoPlay options available.

Now that we’ve sorted out AutoPlay settings, what else do you want to tweak on your PC? Tell us at answer@pcworld.com