The Surface Dial is a new way to interact with a PC

IDG News Service | Oct 26, 2016

Microsoft has developed a hockey-puck like device for use on its touchscreen computers that frees the user from the keyboard when creating.

“I now want to introduce you to this thing, the Surface Dial.”

Microsoft has something new
It’s called The Surface Dial

It was designed as a companion to the pen on Surface touchscreen computers

And means users no longer have to use a keyboard when creating

The Dial can be used on a desk to control aspects of Windows

But it comes to life when placed on the screen

A contexual interface appears, allowing users to control the software as they work

Support is built into Windows 10 Creators Update

It works with the Surface Studio, Surface Pro 3 and 4, and Surface Book

The Dial is new way to interact with a PC, and it costs $100