Are Apple’s AirPods worth the wait?

IDG.TV | Nov 8, 2016

Apple has postponed the launch of the AirPods, the truly-wireless EarPods that can automatically pair to your iPhone. Here’s why you should wait for them.

Originally, Apple’s brand-new AirPods were expected to hit stores in October. But that obviously didn’t happen. Does Apple actually expect us to wait for its most innovative new product?

Apple has officially postponed the launch of the AirPods, a truly-wireless take on those iconic white EarPods. In typical Apple fashion, the company didn’t say what caused the delay nor did they give us a new release date. But according to a Chinese supplier, the AirPods won’t be available until January 2017. Which royalty f•cks up my holiday wish-list.

The AirPods are not your ordinary pair of wireless earbuds. They come with a first-of-its-kind W1 Chip, which makes for a more-reliable wireless connection, improves battery life, and can automatically pair to a nearby iOS device. A stronger connection, longer battery life, and seamless pairing could put the AirPods way ahead other wireless earbuds.

On top of that, the AirPods have special sensors built-in so they can detect whenever they’re in your ears. Take them out and the music pauses automatically. Put them back in, and the music starts back up again.

With all these new features, the AirPods are actually the most innovative product to come out of Cupertino this year. And believe it or not, the best part is the price, $159. Which is actually not that expensive. Not by Apple standards, and not compared to other truly-wireless earbuds out there.

Let’s break it down. The AirPods last about five hours plus an extra 24 hours with the charging case. They cost $159. By comparison, the Rowkin Bit Stereo last for 3 hours plus an extra 6 hours with the charging case. They cost $239. The Erato Audio Apollo 7 earphones last 4 hours plus an extra 8 hours with the charging case. They cost $300. So, I actually think this is the first time that an Apple accessory has been the most affordable option.

Easy pairing, an improved wireless connection, 24 hours of back-up battery life, special built-in sensors, and all that for less money that other truly-wireless earphones. Now, I understand why it’s taken Apple longer than expected to release its innovative AirPods. It seems they were just too ambitious. Or at least too ambitious for the original timeline. But given everything Apple is offering, the AirPods are definitely worth the wait. Aren’t you used to waiting way longer for things from Kickstarter anyway?