4 great gifts for mobile professionals

CIO | Nov 23, 2016

These four gifts for gadget lovers are guaranteed not to be re-gifted.

Hey road warriors. Wondering what to get yourself for the holidays? Or, if you must, what to give another tech lover in your life? Check out these four cool, new products. Let’s start with the biggest of the bunch. The Henty CoPilot is unlike any other bag I’ve seen. It’s a bag for clothes you want to keep on hangers. It’s also a backpack with a laptop compartment.It comes with a second bag for clothes and toiletries. This bag has an detachable shoulder strap, so you can take it to the gym.You can clip the second bag to the suit bag and roll it all up.It’s a clever design. And the hanging bag does a good job of NOT wrinkling your clothes. But you’ll need a strong back because the whole thing gets heavy.Speaking of heavy. You can stash a LOT of gear in the OTG Jacket from ScotteVEST. It has 29 pockets. TWENTY NINE! Two front pockets each hold a laptop. You can store a couple of tablets, two smartphones, an ereader, even a water bottle.Of course, the more you store, the heavier the jacket is. And it starts to look boxy. But with all those pockets, it’s an ideal jacket for toting your tech. If you want to lighten your load, there’s Dart, called “the world’s smallest laptop charger.”It’s way smaller and lighter than the BRICKS that ship with most laptops. And the cable has a USB port, so you can charge two devices at once. Unfortunately, Dash doesn’t work with Mac laptops, but the company says it plans to release a USB-C connector tip for newer Macs. Finally, we have Skybuds. If you’re tired of waiting for Apple’s delayed (and delayed!) AirPods, these are the wireless earbuds for you. Everything connects with Bluetooth. And the buds don’t fall out when I shake my head. Skybuds come with a handy charging dock. The sound quality isn’t great, but it’s good enough for casual use. Skybuds are expensive, too, at $250. And you need to be comfortable with the idea of RF waves passing through your ears.