A woman with Parkinson's can write again thanks to a Microsoft wearable

IDG News Service | May 11, 2017

Microsoft has developed a prototype wearable device that pairs with a tablet to counteract some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Microsoft is fighting Parkinson’s disease

by using a vibrating wearable called Emma

It was inspired by Emma Lawton, a 32-year-old designer

Emma lost the ability to draw and write in her late 20s

when tremors in her hand became incontrollable

The device is operated using a tablet and vibrates in a specific pattern

to block the feedback loop between Emma’s hand and brain

this restores Emma’s ability to write her name and draw

Emma now wears the device at her jobs, using it for sketching

And soon others might use it too

Microsoft is looking to test the device on people with Parkinson’s symptoms similar to Emma’s